Harvest Song Gourmet 100% Natural Preserve Sour Cherry Nasft Gold Winner 2007, 18.9-Ounce Glass Jars

Harvest Song’s fruits are grown near the Biblical mount Ararat. Armenia’s vertical topography is approximately 10,000 feet above Sea level. The fruits are grown in ideal conditions of volcanic soil and surrounding Spring waters. At Harvest Song, we pride ourselves in creating hand-made preserves. We pack only during the harvest season. The fruits are grown in a chemical and pesticide-free environment. During the harvest season, we pick only the ripest fruits from the farms on a daily basis; our cannery uses minimal knives and the fruits are carefully hand inspected. We slow-cook with a little bit of pure cane sugar and citric acid (tiny amount of lemon juice for acidity). All formulas and each harvest is selected by Sylvia Tirakian. No preservatives, no Pectin. All jars are decorated with handmade rice paper from Kathmandu, Nepal.

Quick facts

  • Pack of three, 18.9-ounce glass jars (total of 56.7 ounces)
  • Harvest Song’s fruits are grown near the Biblical mount Ararat
  • Fruits are grown in a chemical and pesticide-free environment

Top reviews

Not your Grandma’s Preserves

You cannot imagine my disappointment. The other reviewers say just like Grandma’s homemade. I suppose it is possible that my Grandma was a better cook than yours. These are awful preserves. And that is the nicest thing I can say about them.

The packaging is spectacular, the quality, the flavor and the overall experience eating these preserves is way below par. I did consume some, just hoping my initial experience was not good. These preserves are terrible. These are the worst tasting fig preserves I have ever tasted. I was so excited reading they are just like Grandma’s; I got the cherry flavored one too. Yikes.

Side-by-side, you could not tell the difference in the two jars. They tasted identical. The fig did not taste anything like figs and the cherry did not taste anything like cherries.

They tasted identical. They tasted awful.

I am very disappointed especially since after reading the other reviewers; I was really excited to have finally found some good fig preserves.

GeoffreyHurlburt Field, FL


I love love love tart cherry preserves, and these are among the best I’ve ever tasted. The ingredients are: sour cherries, pure cane sugar. As such, they have a texture and color that is much more like homemade than even “gourmet” store bought. The color is a deep deep red/purple, almost black. The taste is very tart and delicious cherry, and is a nice contrast to almost anything that is savory or sweet.

My only regret is buying the pack of 6 10 oz. jars; the price of 3 18 ox. jars is a much better value. However, without preservatives, I’m not sure how long they’ll stay fresh in the fridge, so maybe smaller jars are the way to go.

MariselaStone Creek, OH