Hata Ramune Soda Green Apple 6.6 Fz

Ramune is one of Japan’s most popular sodas, and with such unique flavors as the tangy and sweet green apple, you’ll see what makes them so great. Read more about Japanese soda and take a look at our entire Ramune selection. nbsp;

Quick facts

  • Hata Ramune Soda Green Apple 6.6 Fz
  • Delicious Japanese soda
  • lots of flavors
  • A sweet and bubbly green apple soda- perfect for mixed drinks, kids’ parties, or hot summer days
  • A drink with a challenge- try to take out the marble!

Top reviews


This soda… it’s so great! I mean, it tastes wonderful and on the plus side, it is not as bad for you as a soda like Coke – a – Cola or Pepsi. I looked on the back, expecting it to be way worse then a soda down here, but omg! I was shocked. So in my opinion… this is a great drink. Amazing taste, cool bottle, healthier. Only bad side is you only get one… and pay for each one… but other then that, I love, love, love it!
Five stars for this product!
RudolphAdams, NY