Hawaiian Hurricane Microwave Popcorn Singles

A unique blend of Gourmet Popcorn, Rice Crackers, Nori, and Buttery Topping. An easy to prepare microwaveable gourmet popcorn snack.

Quick facts

  • Unique Taste
  • An island favorite
  • Made in Hawaii
  • Microwaveable
  • Savory

Top reviews

Not impressed

I made the popcorn with the butter and the mix. I avoid using butter on all foods for the pure fat content. I thought the butter packet was actually some type of caramel or sweet flavoring – but it was just butter. I used less than 1/2 of the butter packet after realizing it was not a flavoring and chucked the rest int he trash. The other packet tasted like seaweed and rice snacks. I tried it, won’t try it again. Not impressed with the flavor, calories, or the snack in general.
MelvaYabucoa, PR

Best Popcorn Ever

If you have never tried it, you must. Its the best popcorn ever. Reminds me of my days living in Hawaii! So glad I can order it online.
RosarioBuena Vista, PA