Hawaiian Papaya Seed Dressing Mix

The Origianal Papaya Seed Hawaiian Dressing Mix

Quick facts

  • The Origianal Papaya Seed Hawaiian Dressing Mix
  • Hawaiian Hula Dressing
  • Made In Hawaii
  • 2.0 OZ pack
  • No Starch and No Preservatives

Top reviews

Delicious but too expensive!!!

Papaya Seed Dressing is absolutely delicious but the price is outrageous! I bought a packet in Hawaii for $2.95 at an ABC store(known for tourist pricing) and could not resist buying it on Amazon. With a price of $6.93 and a shipping weight of 1lb. I though that the box would contain 2 or 3 packets of dressing mix. I was very surprised to open the box and find 1 packet. As a Prime member I didn’t have to pay any additional shipping charges instead I only had to pay a $4 premium to get this dressing — never again!
ColtonWhittaker, MI

sooo good

I wasn’t sold on this idea, having bought bottles of this dressing in Kauai, but this mix turns out great. Tip- make it in advance. It’s too runny immediately after mixing, but if you put it in the fridge for a little bit it thickens up exactly like the bottled stuff.
NgocLoyal, WI


We had this dressing when we went to a Luau and it was delicious, then I found this packaged dressing at Walmart and brought it home. We love it, its sweet yet tangy and a delicious compliment to any salad. Wish they sold it here locally!
HolliGold Hill, NC

Papaya Seed Dressing Mix

Mmmmm. This is yummy dressing. A friend brought it back from Hawaii and then I searched it out on amazon so I could keep enjoying it. I especially enjoy it on a green salad that includes a little fruit. The dressing has a somewhat sweet taste to it, similar to poppy seed dressing.
RollandTamarack, MN

Love this dressing!!!!

I picked up a package of this dressing in Maui last October. I had never tried it before. I just got around to making it. I got the dry mix and followed the directions. This is absolutely fabulous. Now I want more. I would never purchase it at the price of $7.95 per pack. That is crazy. You can purchase it online at Hilo Hatties or the ABC store for around $2.39 per pack or $7.95 for a pack of 3. Now this is reasonable. There are also other places that carry it. The problem is the shipping. It is so rediculously high. Around $14 to $17 dollars for 9. Does anyone know if anyone carries it in California?

Hilo Hatties reduced my shipping to only $6.50 instead of the $14 originally quoted.

JacalynSalem, WV


Is $7.95 the price for just one package? Seriously? Can someone tell me if you receive more than one package? The price I paid for one when living in Hawaii (only 4 months ago) was only $1.69. How can it cost 4 times more here? I love this dressing and was my favorite so hope I am wrong about what I see for the price of one package! Original Hawaiian Papaya Seed Dressing Mix
GeorgianneBoiling Springs, PA

Papaya Seed Dressing

I was quite happy when I typed in the Papaya Seed Dressing that Amazon found it for me. My grandaughter brought me a packet back from Hawaii and I loved it and was elated when I found that I could order it on line. It is a very refreshing salad dressing and I might even try it as a marinade. I would suggest anyone who likes something different that you make from scratch to try this dressing.
BernardaHoward, CO


I am a loyal Ranch dressing eater but my brother brought the Papaya dressing as a gift from Hawaii and I am in love. I tried it because I started a new diet and wanted something less in fat and big on taste. It is amazing. It is exactly what I was looking for.
KassandraCedar Bluffs, NE