Hawaiian Pure Vanilla Extract

Pure Vanilla Extract made from Hawaiian vanilla beans! This is a unique extract with wonderful sweet aromas and flavors. This extract is one of the best you will ever try!

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Great service by Arizona Vanilla Company

After I had previously ordered and used up a 2 oz. Mexican Vanilla, I decided to try a Hawaiian Vanilla as I order the 8 oz bottle of Mexican Vanilla since the Mexican Vanilla was such a delicious difference maker in my baking. I ordered this product with the Mex. Vanilla and Arizona Vanilla shipped them together for one low shipping rate. They arrived far ahead of schedule. I was anxious to make the Hawaiian White Chocolate macadamia Cookies with this Vanilla. Mentioning the use of Hawaiian vanilla impresses the party guests (thanks to the cookies coming out with maximum perfection from chill and oven timing). Although it impressed the guests, I found it to be no different from Kirkland (Costco brand) vanilla which cost much less per ounce. The Mexican was enormously better, but not so much the Hawaiian. It’s fun to use it and I’m very happy with the Arizona Vanilla company is the reason why I’m giving it 3 stars, but sadly to say, it’s not worth it.
MaryroseSutter Creek, CA