Hawaiian Tea Co, Lahaina Spice, 18-Count

Enjoy the great tastes of Hawaii with distinctive Hawaiian flavors

Quick facts

  • Excellent served hot; great for sun tea
  • Flavors bursting with the sunny happiness of Hawaii
  • A Rich, Warm, Spicy Brew
  • Bag locally packaged in Hawaii
  • Finest tea in the Hawaiian Islands; special blend of herbs, spices and island flavors; distinctive blends

Top reviews

Between 2 and 3 stars.

I tried several of the varities to pad my orders, including the Kona Coast Chai, Lahaina Spice and Hawaiian Breakfast.

Lahaina Spice is the best of the three, and it is between 2 and 3 stars. It is not real Chai tea, but a Hawaiian version of it.

If you need something to pad an order for Free Shipping, consider the Lahaina Spice. The other 2 varities taste like Lipton black tea.

LucianaOttawa, WV