Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge: Brigittine Monks 1lb

By the labor of their hands the Brigittine Monks of Amity, Oregon, craft this heavenly Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge Royale which has received accolades from candy experts worldwide. Monk confections are made using the finest ingredients, including fresh Oregon grown hazelnuts. Rich in flavor, a creamy crunchy texture, and all-natural with no-preservatives. Worth every nibble. Net wt. 1 lb. No sales tax.

Quick facts

  • Gourmet Hazelnut Chocolate Fudge
  • Real chocolate, fresh dairy butter, real cream and the freshest hazelnuts
  • Monks fudge
  • 1 lb.
  • Brigittine Monks

Top reviews

Good fudge, but bad packaging and shipping.

The fudge is exellent and creamy, and I’d buy the product again. It has a good flavor and you can tell good ingredients were used; the hazelnuts topped it off with an enjoyable flavor – would be great with coffee. However, it arrived half-melted and in a crinkled and badly handled yellow envelope! I opened it and the box it comes in was partly crushed and the plastic dish the fudge was in was cracked and broken on the sides and I had to pick a chunk of plastic out of the fudge! I am unsure how much of this was the seller’s fault and how much UPS’ fault, but I am highly displeased with that aspect of the purchase. Idealy, I would think fudge that’s in a thin paper box with a plastic dish in it, would go in a well-packed small box, rather than an envelope. You’d think someone had intentionally thrown it against a hard surface multiple times by the looks of it. So, all in all, fudge good, the rest is awful. I gave this 3 stars because of this. Had it of arrived in a half-way decent condition, it’d be 5 stars.
KristianMeadow Bridge, WV