Hazer Baba Turkish Delight, Apricot & Almond & Honey, 16-Ounce Boxes

Apricot & Almond & Honey Turkish Delight

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  • apricot, almond, honey, turkish, delight, snack

Top reviews


Without a doubt these are my favorite flavor of Turkish Delights. The blend of apricot and honey flavored gel surrounding crunchy almonds cannot be adequately described with mere words, you really have to taste them to know. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of eating them. I am already buying new, larger clothing so I can keep,eating them without having to go naked because my clothes are too small to wear. LOL
LenitaAlgona, IA

An acquired taste.

I bought this thinking the apricot, honey, and almond were separate flavors. They’re not. I keep trying Turkish Delight, hoping to find a flavor I’ll like, because I like the idea of such a simple confection that’s been made for centuries. So far I haven’t found Turkish Delight in a flavor I can enjoy. As for quality, this is essentially $4 per box, so you’re kind of getting what you pay for.
DixieHouston, MN