HDP Natural Premium Rawhide bones 6-7″ pack of 20

Our Premium Natural Rawhide Bones are made from Premium grade cattle produce. Climate-controlled processing eliminates the need to use chemical treatment and preservatives to prevent spoilage. Our premium hides are cut, hand-tied, and dried naturally to assure freshness. MADE IN BRAZIL.

Quick facts

  • pack 27
  • size 6-7″

Top reviews

Great product

I ordered these bones for my 2 dogs (lab, german shepard) and they were great. It was nice to be able to order a large amount of bones instead of having to buy them in small amounts at the store (especially since my dogs love bones and go through them very quickly). Great purchase
JoanKyburz, CA


I have ordered different knotted bones from Amazon before and been very satisfied. I ordered almost $80 worth of bones from this company and the quality is inferior. They are practically hollow and extremely light. My German Shepherd and Coon hound will make their way through these in minutes. I am very disappointed.
JewelChattanooga, OK

Fantastic Deal!

Let your puppy naw on these for a month each. They will last for months. Alot less expensive than buying them one at a time at your local pet store. Save, Save, Save! Only complaint I have is it would be nice if they had a beef flavor added. Ever the less, my Lab chews on these rawhide bones alot.
CarmelaMount Erie, IL

Like candy

Dogs absolutely love this. Have a Boxer and a Jack Russell and both can’t wait for more. The only problem I had was the bag they come in zips at the top but was ripped open on the side.
VioletaDanforth, IL