Health Energy Potion

With a mellow apple-cinnamon flavor and helpful herbs and vitamins like elderberry, ginseng, biotin, and folate, Health Energy Potion is sure to restore you after a gaming battle or before another day of the cubicle grind. This potion offers a very similar energy effect to its blue kin with 75mg of caffeine to boost your HP and aid in your recovery.

Quick facts

  • Each bottle is 1.69 oz.

Top reviews

Does not work

I bought one of these to give to my dying grandfather. He did not recover.
AnEldon, MO


This stuff is absolutely atrocious. I’m a huge fan of energy drinks – generally Monster or 5hr Energy are my top picks, but this seemed interesting enough to try out. The stuff is awful – it doesn’t wake you up at all, has no kick, tastes horrible, and worst of all it has made me feel terrible pretty much all afternoon – very bad stomach ache. I would not drink another bottle if somebody offered to pay me the $20 I spent on a six pack of the stuff. (Also, aside from ebay feedback, this is the first online review I have written of ANYTHING – nothing has motivated me enough to sign in and complain about it before, ever, and I buy far too many things for my own good. Hopefully that speaks to how awful this stuff is.) Buyer beware – you could spend half as much money to pay a stranger to kick you in the stomach, and have the same experience.
JuanPurmela, TX

What would I have done without you, Health Energy Potion?

There I was, face to face with the fabled Gorlok monster with only 10 HP left. A lesser man would have turned and run, but not me, I had a secret weapon. The Gorlok lunged at me with his 12 arms flailing and his teeth gnashing violently. I could smell the stench of death as his long talons narrowly missed my already tattered left arm while quickly I rolled to the side. As the Gorlok was recovering from his voracious strike I slipped out my Health Energy Potion and downed it in a single, hurried gulp. I could feel my strength being restored and much to my amazement my arm was fully healed! Those magnificent bastards at Energy Drinks have done it again! I sprinted towards the Gorlok, jumped high in the air and did a triple axel while coming down with all my force into the eye of the mighty beast. The Gorlok let out a deafening roar as he toppled to the ground, dead by my hand. I had finally saved the princess who was trapped in that dark castle all these years. I approached her majesty and I’ll never forget what she said to me, “Thank you Jeremy! But our princess is in another castle!” Son of a…
ElseBuena Vista, NM

Don’t Drink It!!!

If you want to buy this to set on a shelf. Go for it! It’s kinda cute and fun to have around while gaming. However if you actually intend to drink it. DONT!!! It tastes nastier than anything I’ve ever drank. It gave me a headache. I’ve tried alot of energy drinks and none have been this nasty or made me feel totaly sick like that.
LovellaMount Saint Francis, IN


I definitely wouldn’t consider this a toy; as it is an energy drink. Very whimsical and perfect for an active gamer! Beautifully displayed on the shelf at present moment. No desire to drink it as other reviews say its pretty gross. Overall, I was very pleased with the size of the product. Not too small and not too big. Very understandable how characters in World of Warcraft carry about 50+ of these little things!! :o)
LomaUncle Sam, LA

A Very Good Potion

Health and Mana Potions are very good. They don’t taste that good, but you get used to it, and one starts to think it’s not that bad after the first or second potion. It is Very Fun, a little educational being in that it teaches that Caffeine and the ingredients are… Energizing? It is Durable, so long as you don’t poke it with something or toss it around. The Bottles used to be Glass and people started making Molotovs, so they made them Plastic. I give this a 5 Star, it does what it says and is very good!

Bottom Line:
Wanna stay up? Need Energy? Need to Focus? Get This. Now.

TanaMesquite, NV

Not a toy. Energy drink/collectable

Well to start I don’t know why this is under toys when it’s a drink. The bottle is pretty and coll looking but the smell and taste is terrible. Also the horrible taste will stay in your mouth for quite a while. I don’t recommend this is you intend to drink it. But I resealed mine and put in on a shelf with the rest of my collectors stuff. Same thing goes for the mana drink, very pretty and cool but the grossest thing you can imagine.
MaudeRonco, PA

Health Potion

Elixir Health Potion
It is covered in lastic with nutrition information. but when you take it off you lose the symbol on front and even with the label on the symbol is difficult to see. Very disappointed it was not printed on the bottle itself. I would find another company that sells healt potion that is more accurate and not ruined by putting the symbol on the label.
ConnieFranklin, NE

Not a Toy this is a real Energy Drink

I bought this purely because of the novelty but both me and my boyfriend drank the health and mana potions we bought.The taste terrible and nasty but afterward you’re good to go for 10-12 hours of long lasting no crashing energy.It works far better than coffe or energy drinks.It doesn’t make you jittery or loose focus.I found that this drink actually made me awake and aware and I was able to perform my better at my job after barely any sleep.I’m going to order several twelve packs of this!
ShaundaMinburn, IA

It tastes worse than cancer

If you’re going to buy this, don’t drink it! This is like eating a kilogram of sugar and then getting kicked in the face by a horse. The packaging is attractive, but that is about it.
AleneBeach Haven, NJ

A Death Knight’s Drink of Choice.

I bought the Health and Mana potions on a whim while in Hot Topic last weekend. I figured it would be pretty good, since I was planning a WoW marathon the next night. I tried it and realized why they came in such small bottles. It tastes awful, Red Bull tastes better and even that is pretty gross. I say it is a Death Knight’s drink of choice because it tastes like your going to die. However, it certainly kept me going way past my normal breaking point. I suggest this in a pinch and for alittle whimsy fun – but for everyday? Stick to coffee and Mt. Dew.
ShanPittsburg, KS

Not for children–but works well

I bought one of these and one of the mana potions for fun–was going on a trip to meet up with some friends who would appreciate such items. Here’s what we all pretty much agreed on:

Visual: Small but very attractive packaging. Pretty much exactly what you might think a health potion would look like in real life based upon many popular games. Smaller than expected–but then it more easily explains how your character in World of Warcraft, or ‘toon, could carry 40 in one backpack.

Taste: Also explains why your ‘toon refuses to drink another one for several minutes, even if it means dying. Dying is preferable as long as you still have the aftertaste. Think cough syrup, only without the benefit of alcohol or drugs. Very glad it came in 50ml bottles–one good sized swig and it’s gone. After a short period of time, however, one starts to think it wasn’t that bad. An appropriate support group could probably help with that mild problem.

Effects: Works as advertised per friends who drank it (I drank the mana potion). They were able to stay up as late as they desired, were able to concentrate well, and noted no adverse effects the next day.

Active ingredients: Per their website, contains 25 calories per serving, includes Vitamin C (100% RDA), B1 (80% RDA), B5 (80% RDA), B6 (1600% RDA), B12 (100% RDA) as well as caffeine and enzymes. Caffeine content roughly equivalent to two Red Bulls or four cups of coffee.

Bottom line: Works well, but based upon the caffeine I would not recommend for children or anyone else you wouldn’t hand a pot of coffee to and expect them to drink it all. Really shouldn’t be listed in toys and games, but rather with food or energy drinks.

AlexisSalineville, OH

Looks cool but melts your tastebuds

I picked these and the mana pots up to display in our curio cabinet. They are totally perfect! Unfortunately, I saved a couple to taste.

If you like how feet, farts, and vitamins taste when licked off of an old woman, you’ll love the flavor.

If, however, you prefer your beverages don’t immediately make you feel regret and a building of bile in the back of your throat, leave them on the shelf.

PhilLincolnton, GA

Dreadfully Disgusting

I tried both the “Health” and the “Mana”. Both were awful in taste and neither had any discernable effect on my energy levels. I bought them for their appearance as a fun gift for my LAN group. One of the bottles had leaked in the box and the smell alone should have warned me to not drink it. But live and learn. The one benefit I got out of the purchase was that the bottles can be filled with water and food coloring to use as game props or displays. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you hang them in a window with the different colors catching the daylight.
AvrilOaklyn, NJ

for the computer geek….

Got the health and mana potions for my son– a wow enthusiast. He thinks they taste weird– I think they taste better than most energy drinks, but that’s a matter of opinion…
He was shocked to pull them from his stocking and I got instant “Cool Mom” points– so I was very happy.
They are great for the novelty though I wouldn’t pay the exorbitant price and shipping and handling to get them again…
AleishaKattskill Bay, NY


These are awesome. I’m not going to drink them, they’re just to have, for fun, since i love to play world of war craft (where one of my character’s profession is alchemy.)
NolaYonkers, NY

“Harcos Health Potions, because girls like me just don’t know when to stop!”

Damn but this Mossberg is hot! I’ve been pumping out double-ought all morning, taking down the undead at the rate of fifteen a minute. You know, it’s hard work being a kick-ass, zombie-killin’, tomb-raiding babe like me, and when the skull fragments start flying and I start taking damage, there’s only one health potion for me! Harcos Labs Health Energy Potion!

Those boffins at Harcos Labs have been working hard to deliver a product that gives me the confidence and energy to keep wasting soul-suckers all day but is small enough that I can fit ten of them in my backpack along with my Desert Eagle, an M134 Minigun, 5000 rounds of ammunition, 8 frag grenades, six first aid kits, a map of the entire level and a packet of Bodyform maxi-flow pads (because my busy lifestyle just won’t wait!).

Excuse me… BLAM!!! Holy cow! d’you see his head come apart man?

RimaRichlandtown, PA

Bitter taste, novelty bottle

The taste kind of hung with me but wasn’t all that different from the five-hour energy drink flavor. It’s very bitter. I mainly bought it cause I liked the bottle. I’m very comfortable with energy drinks, usually drinking a few Monster or Red Bulls everyday but with this I could actually feel my heart pumping. I don’t know if I was more energetic or not but it was a interesting bottle so I wasn’t really in it for the stay awake aspect. Considering five hour energy runs about $2 at a gas station, this is comparable in price and effect.
ManAlpine, TN

Yum, to some extent

Tastes good, isn’t 5hr energy but it does give you a bit of a boost. If you’re a wow fan & like energy drinks (or know someone who is) I reccomend dumping the money into this. I bought it for a wow friend and they were happy. I wouldn’t classify this as a toy, its a consumable.
ZellaHamilton, MO

Nice to look at..

Mkay this really cute to put on a desk while you game…. but DONT drink it it doesn’t taste very good at all! :<
JasminPleasantville, TN

Tastes slightly better than mana

There’s no discernible caffeine boost, but I’ve been drinking coffee since age 8, so I might simply be unable to tell. Taste is nothing to brag about.
AlyssaWapiti, WY

Tastes like awful

If awful had a taste, this would be it. Truly horrible. Can’t rate this products energy giving powers because I couldn’t drink it.
PatPittsfield, NH

For Display Only

The Taste: Awful. Like cherry cough syrup and pure honey mixed together.

The Look: Plain. To open in you have to rip off the plastic covering therefor removing the “health” sign. And please note that it does not look like the first image. Instead it looks like the customer image. So no big fancy “Health” and gold cross.

The Use: Looks good on a shelf.

The Size: Look carefully at the oz. It’s smaller than my hand.

LatiaSequatchie, TN