Health Valley Organic No Salt Added Soup, Minestrone, 15 Ounce

Healthy Valley Organic No Salt Added Soup, Minestrone, 15 Ounce. Our Organic Minestrone Soup is made with the finest ingredients and has No Salt Added. It is also a good source of fiber (3 grams) and antioxidant vitamin C (15%) and an excellent source of antioxidant vitamin A (40%). This Health Valley Organic Soup contains 50 milligrams sodium per serving. Other leading brands contain 860 milligrams sodium or more per serving. This is not a sodium free food.

Quick facts

  • Made with organic celery, carrots, tomatoes, onions, peas & pasta
  • Low in sodium & fat with no salt added
  • Good source of fiber & excellent source of antioxidant vitamin A
  • USDA Organic & American Heart Association certified
  • Can lining not derived from BPA

Top reviews

Soup without salt

All Health Valley “No Salt Added” soups are good. I especially like the tomato, minestrone, and vegatable soups. I add a little sherry wine and a little Louisiana hot sauce to pep them up a bit. I also like to add a pack of Ramen noodles without the seasoning pack.
CareyWillard, UT

A great low-sodium alternative…

If your trying to watch your weight or sodium intake, this soup is a great alternative to the overly processed and heavily salted soups that you would normally find in the supermarket aisle. There is no salt added to this soup, and the entire can (which is two servings) has a total of 100mg of sodium. This is an extremely low number compared to 1000+ plus mgs of sodium in some of the name brands. With that being said, the soup itself is a little bland; I like to add Mrs. Dash seasonings to spice it up a bit.
SkyeGreensboro, VT

This stuff is amazing

This soup is great for people like me who have high blood pressure. You can mix this soup with regular salt-laden soup to create a good-tasting half-the-salt soup.
KayleenDonie, TX


This soup looks great in the bowl, but like another reviewer noted, it’s like vegetables cooked in water. There is also some kind of overriding acidity that makes every spoonful taste the same, so veg flavors do not come through. Would not buy this again.
AndresStafford, NY

Utterly Flavorless

This soup tastes like vegetables in water. It’s not terrible, but make sure you’ve got plenty of seasoning in your cabinet. I recommend garlic.
DarronNew York, NY