Healthy Bites Hairball Remedy for Cats – 3 ounce

Contains Cranberry to promote a normal healthy urinary tract. Includes Antioxidants to support a healthy immune system. Real tasty chicken flavor.

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This is a reformulated DEFURR-UMS HAIRBALL TREATS (reviewed separately). The exact ingredients for comparison are hard to come by. M&C does not list them on its website; luckily a few retail websites have an “ingredients” button that forces M&C to disclose the major ingredients to its otherwise “proprietary” recipe. The new concoction made quite a few changes (adding inulin for example and ?cranberry?) but the changes have not affected acceptability negatively (possibly improved it, judging by our pickiest cat who now accepts it). The only negative change is in the pricepoint ($8 vs $4) at which the new package is offered on Amazon; Petco stores have the new package on sale for $4. Until Amazon transfers the reviews under the phased-out version over to this new (and improved?) formula, you might want to take a look at the DEFURR-UMS evaluations and also my separate review of hairball remedies under PET NATURALS HAIRBALL. The HEALTHYBITES iteration is excellent (and I will update this review if its long-term performance proves negative) but my opinion of M&C customer service stands (“lousy”); maybe they loaned the service reps to the marketing department during the change in packaging from metallic to white and the switch in names from DEFURR-UMS to HEALTHYBITES. Personally, I liked the DEFURR-UMS tag; how could you do any better for a hairball remedy than DEFURR-UMS?
MargieCenterpoint, IN