Heartland Food Products Signature Recipe Belgian Waffle Mix, Harvest Grain, 5 Pound

A complete “just add water” harvest grain™ flavor belgian waffle mix recipe. Belgian waffle instructions: just add water (3 parts waffle mix to 2 parts cold water). Pancakes instructions: 1 cup heartland mix, 3/4 cup water, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1 tablespoon. Powdered milk.

Quick facts

  • Enjoy the same gourmet harvest grain flavored waffles served by some of the finest restaurants and hotels
  • Proudly made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, including whole eggs
  • Heartland uses only pasteurized eggs, eliminating any health risks from eggs
  • No trans fats
  • Certified kosher

Top reviews

Too sweet, required adustment, go organic

Following the directions out of the box, the mix worked “okay”.

– Top quality ingredients.
– Whole family ate until we couldn’t eat any more. Still that always happens with pancakes and waffles. Strange.

– With no oil content, I had to follow the suggestion of adding a small amount of oil to each batch to prevent sticking. Even with this and a well-oiled Waring Pro, it still stuck. Not sure if this is strictly speaking the mixes fault though, lol.
– The real issue is that this is an overly sweet mix. I would suggest buying one with less sugar and just adding additional sweetening if you need it. Try their multigrain component.
– Building into the “pro” that they use high quality ingredients, I think they could have just gone the extra little bit and made this organic. Why not?

Conclusion: Good USA brand. Try the multigrain. Suggestion to brand: go organic.

SelenaMonee, IL

A Sweeter Version Of Multigrain

I liked this mix a lot and guess I would have to admit it is an improvement over the multigrain mix made by this company. Considering how much sugar costs today, this mix gives you a sweeter version of a multigrain for less money than it would cost to add your own sweetner. Thanks Amazon.
PorshaPendleton, TX

Sure, you can make it cheaper, but…

It is this line of mixes that made me get a Belgian waffle maker in the first place. This multi-grain lives up to the high quality from this line of waffle mixes. Even our kids liked the multi-grain, which is really saying something!!
TishBayside, CA

Great Waffles

I had this waffles some time ago in a hotel and they were the best I had have, I had to ask the personal about the mix, and when I discover that they have the harvest one i decide to try it. They are crispy, spongy, delicious waffles, not too sweet as other reviews will say. I think this brand in general is the best for waffles and usually harvest multigrain products doesn’t taste as good as the refined ones but this one does, you can go healthy without taste it 🙂
TondaWolcott, IN