Heinz Beans in Tomato Sauce, 13.7-Ounce Cans

Heinz Beans in Tomato Sauce, 13.7-Ounce Can

Quick facts

  • Heinz Beans in Tomato Sauce is filled with fiber
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • Reduced salt content
  • Imported from Britain

Top reviews

GMO product

I have looked up GMO foods and these beans are listed as being a GMO product. Always good to be careful.
FrederickBen Bolt, TX

Beans, a musical fruit

Beans. With Ketchup. From England. My first thought was, what kind of beans? But when you package them in ketchup, Heinz ketchup no less, who cares? They gotta be good! Brings to mind a poem from my childhood:

Beans, beans, a musical fruit.
The more you eat the more you toot.
The more you toot the better you feel,
So eat your beans every meal.

Gotta love ’em.

Five Stars!!!

ParisWendel, CA

NOT the real deal

These are nothing like the Heinz baked beans i had when i was a kid, not near as tomato flavoured as i remember. I think these particular beans are aimed at at the American Market, bland and tasteless, may as well buy cambells at 3 for a dollar.
EmeraldThe Rock, GA

beans are good… dented cans suck

Love the beans, but the shipping is horrible. I bought the 12 pack, and every can was dented. Two of the cans were actually folded. Until Amazon is willing to spend the extra half cent and add another layer or three of those inflated bags, I will not be buying from them.
JosieCannon Ball, ND

Good Quality Product – – but SWEET

I did not buy this product from Amazon because I wanted to try one can first. Fortunately my supermarket (ShopRite) stocked them.

First I must say, the beans, the sauce and the canning are of VERY HIGH quality.

However I do not like sweet candy like vegetables. Maybe it is part of my heritage but Italians typically make vegetables with oil and garlic, or oil and lemon. Never sweet.

To salvage this product I added it to two cans of white cannellini beans and added some cayanne pepper and two spoons of olive oil. Not bad!!!

I am giving it 5 stars based on quality and not on my taste preference.

RobbinRutherfordton, NC

Badly Packed and Dented Cans

I love real (i.e., English) Heinz baked beans. However I have to give these a low rating here becuase I just received a case of 12 cans and they were so badly packed they were rattling around in the box. When I opened the box, 5 of the cans were so badly dented and I will have to throw them away. One of them was leaking. I know I could return them but that is too much trouble for $10 worth of baked beans. I can’t find anywhere else on the Amazon site for leaving this kind of feedback for the seller/packer, so I’m leaving it here.

I will still love the other 7 undented cans.

MaritzaWest Green, GA

every single can arrived dented – twice.

Growing up in the UK I was really excited to be able to get the original for beans on toast. I set up a subscription assuming I’d be eating a lot!

The first batch came, and even though the box they were packed in was undamaged, every single can was dented. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited for the second batch, as I really love these beans. Unfortunately, it was a repeat and I have now cancelled my subscription. A big disappointment.

I suspect they are selling cans that can’t be placed on shelves in the stores and using this as a means to clear their damaged stock.

Edit: March 2010. A friend convinced me to retry this purchase, and me being the fan of baked beans that I am I did. Very pleased to report that the packaging issues have been resolved. I’m now a regular subscriber and cans arrive in shop shelf condition. Upgrading my original 1 star to a 4.

BasilHighland, KS

The real deal… just dented.

These beans are the real deal if you’re a British ex-pat like my hubby who needs a “beans on toast” or “beans, sausage and chips” fix. So much easier than begging Mum to pack a few tins in her case when she visits! However, be aware that Amazon ship these cans individually in a big box with air pillows for padding which means they roll and bang about. More than half of the dozen cans were badly dented. Still, everything’s going to be happily eaten. Just would have preferred more care in the shipping. BTW, when you sign up for Amazon prime, you can get 12 tins shipped 2-day air with free shipping. (For us regulars, that’s a fantastic deal!)
JenellDaggett, CA

Great Taste! Poor Shipping!

The beans are great. Stationed in UK for three years and missed them when I got back. Not sweet and take well to added ingredients (hot sauce, onion). Shipping was poor. Of the twenty four cans five were badly dented and I had to dispose of them.
VikkiSpringville, IA

Beans are Great – Packaging Non-Exsistant!

The Heinz beans are great but the packaging was awful. No padding for the heavy cans as they shifted around in the box. So, three of the 12 cans were bust and completely unusable. If the packaging cannot be improved then I will cancel my repeat order from Amazon.
EuniceSaint Charles, IL

Beans beans…

Can’t live without my beans and so much cheaper to get them this way than the international aisle at the grocery store!

Brit in the USA

GeorgannYarmouth, IA

American beans too sweet

Years ago I used to buy Heinz Vegetarian Baked Beans until one day I bought a tin and wondered why they tasted different. I saw on the tin “new and improved”. I had an old tin and compared the contents. Heinz had doubled the sugar content and lowered the fiber. I cannot eat such sweet beans and have been making my own but they are not as good as the British recipe. The British recipe had a fairly high sodium content but I believe they have reduced this, so maybe I will try them again.
TennilleWoodlyn, PA


GradyPattison, TX

No problems at all, more convenient than the grocery store and cheaper too.

This is one of my subscribe and save items and I was dismayed to find that the item is currently under review for shipment issues. I have got to say that I have had several deliveries of these beans with no problem at all. Not one dented can – EVER. Buying them from Amazon and having them delivered to my door is not only easier for me, but cheaper too. I hope they resolve the shipping issue soon (not that I knew there was a problem in the first instance)and I can look forward to conitnued deliveries of Heinz Baked Beans!
RossanaGrovertown, IN

ZERO STARS – punctured cans

When I opened the package, I saw that one of the cans was punctured and has spilled beans all over the other cans. Who knows how long they had been inside, because they were rotting and molded. Completely disgusting and unacceptable.
MauriceBentonville, VA

Dented again!

Usually these arrive with small dents in the tins and I ignore them. This time some are collapsed into themselves and the bottoms bulging – not sure they should be eaten! Box not damaged at all. Obviously not checked before sent out. And not returnable! Wish I could find another place to buy!
YeseniaFrohna, MO

An English essential

We are from England and miss one thing from back home: Heinz Baked Beans in tomato sauce. It’s hard to believe that this healthy, tasty essential fodder for all occasions, made by an American firm, is not in our local supermarket. Shipping from Amazon could be pricey, so add them to an order where you get free postage. Also, they are packed loosely so the cans will be dented but the contents are fine. Yummee!!
SangTennessee Colony, TX

Tasty British Baked Beans

These are so good. They don’t have the sweet taste that the American beans have and no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors either. Good deal as they are more expensive to buy individually.
QuianaRowdy, KY


They taste great. But the package was pretty poorly put together and half of the beans tins were beat up.
SteffanieHarper, OR

A distinctly richer, cleaner taste

I just had Heinz Beans for the first time this morning, as part of a traditional “beans & fried egg on toast” breakfast, and I must say it lives up to the hype. I grew up eating Campbell’s Pork & Beans, and in the grand scheme of things there isn’t *that* much difference, but Heinz Beans does have a distinctly richer, cleaner taste than Campbell’s. Without the extra salt and HFCS that you find in most canned beans, the tomato flavor really shines through.

NOTE: Although I won’t take away any stars for it (because a product review is supposed to be for THE PRODUCT), Amazon’s shipping of this item does leave a lot to be desired: a much larger box than necessary, padded with standard pillow packing that was all popped by the time the shipment reached me. About half of the cans were dented, some quite badly.

RachelleDerwent, OH

Beanz Meanz Heinz

OK, there are other Baked-beans-in-tomato-sauce makers, including supermarket brands that are every bit as good, and who knows? possibly made BY Heinz – but the fact remains that the GOLD standard worldwide is the classic Heinz Baked Beans.

Iconic tin, I have a label pinned to my cubicle wall.

Personally, my all time favourite is Baked beans with pork sausages, but it’s impossible to get in the US so I have to wait for people to smuggle them into the country in their luggage.

Here’s how I cook them – my comfort food:

1. in a pot, add a splash of milk and a small knob of butter.
2. add some form of hot pepper to taste – three shakes of ‘Mr Tapatio’ works well for me.
3. Cook well, stirring continually until the beans lose any ‘crunch’.
4. I like it to have more sauce than normal which is why I add the milk – it also gives the sauce a nice creamy taste.
5. Eat with good break – two or three slices, plain, no butter – use to dip.


JuleWellington, MO

Proper Tasting Beans!

As the previous reviewer stated, the cans do arrive dented up.

However the shipping was timely and free, and the beans are the proper tasting Heinz Beans that I miss so much from Britain.

They are wonderful with just buttered toast, or with the toast and a fried egg or two for breakfast. Yum!

EveretteOshtemo, MI

Cheapest way to get beanz I know

So many online stores specializing in British foods are selling Heinz beans, but the shipping costs are astronomical. I can buy these in my local Cost Plus World Market but it is $1.99 a tin. By setting up a recurring shipment every 3 months from Amazon I am getting them for about $1.38 a tin including shipping to Colorado. This is by far the best price I’ve found!

Now, if Amazon starts selling English pork sausages and black pudding I’ll be in hogs heaven.

LeopoldoNorwalk, OH

All cans badly dented crushed

The packaging was fine, so these were already crushed when Amazon packed them. EVERY CAN damaged, something large must have been dropped on them.
LewisBrighton, MO

I believe in a supreme bean

If you have seen Monty Python’s “Party Political Broadcast”, or marveled at Ann-Margret swimming in baked beans in the Rock Opera “Tommy”, then you will have some idea of the importance of the baked bean in popular British culture. It has long been a staple throughout the British Isles. A “Full British (or Irish) Breakfast” has to include them, and beans on toast are a ubiquitous snack.

There are many species of baked bean in tomato sauce but the undisputed supreme bean is the Heinz, as manufactured in the UK. Here in the US, we have plenty of canned “Pork and Beans”, but they are different. They have pork fat added, for flavor, and are heavily sweetened, often with high-fructose corn syrup and/or molasses. These Heinz beans do have some sugar but they do not have that distinctly sweet taste that their American cousins have. Also, they are free of artificial additives. And they certainly have no pork fat. They are thus a healthier choice. If you are used to the pork and excessive sweeteners, then these beans may taste somewhat bland at first but, if you persist, you will soon come to prefer the cleaner, lighter taste and will not want to go back.

As they are imported from the UK, they tend to be more expensive than the native US canned beans. In fact, some specialist stores stock them here, sometimes at prices slightly lower than Amazon is offering, although Super Saver Shipping and Subscribe & Save make them very competitive, and of course you have the convenience of home delivery.

A bigger problem is packaging. At the time of writing, Amazon has still not quite mastered the art of shipping canned goods. They are packed too loosely and tend to knock together. As a result, 3 of the 12 cans in my consignment had dents in them. Small dents, to be sure, but I know that some people are reluctant to eat food from even slightly dented cans. Hopefully, Amazon will solve this problem soon.

AlissaNewton, NH

Only a few cans dented

Just got my first shipment. Based on the warnings of other reviewers, before the shipment went out, I called up amazon customer support and read them the riot act concerning proper packaging. When the box arrived, the cans were NOT floating around freely in the box but rather were held tightly together with heavy duty plastic wrap and were inside a the little cardboard tray.

When I opened the plastic I found that in spite of even this, some of the cans were still dented, only NOT as badly as some of the other british things I’ve ordered from amazon, such as the Heinz Soup, Potato and Leek, 14.1-Ounce Can (Pack of 8) soup, which has every time I’ve orderd it arrived dented so badly that it looked like kids had been playing kick the can with them. (On the up side, a call to Amazon customer support has resulted in them either refunding me, or sending me another shipment — which genearlly arrived almost as badly dented as the first; I just can’t seem to convince Amazon that you can’t just toss canned goods that are not bound together in some way into a box with a little bubble wrap and think that the cans won’t slam into each other and dent each other during shipment.

I would say of the 12 cans of the baked beans, 5 were dented enough that I put them to the side for quicker consumption (dented cans can result in botulism — a deadly toxin, the same stuff they make botox out of, only in this case it’ll kill you, not make you look younger —growing inside the can over time, and must be eaten quickly)

The rest of the cans however were just fine.

Edit: April ’09, I just noticed a NEW feature on Amazon’s page where you check the status of your shipments. There is now a specific link for complaining about bad packing that resulted in a damaged product. YAY! They’re listening!

KristanWardtown, VA

Delicious product and shipped well

These beans are the perfect accompaniment to eggs and toast in the morning. I love them!

I was a little nervous about ordering them as I read the reviews with shipping issues, however, as I cannot purchase them nearby anymore I took the risk. These cans were shrinkwrapped together in a set of twelve with a box around the bottom. Then they had the air-filled plastic packaging around them and were placed in a second box. All of my cans arrived in perfect condition – no dents, no spilling, no rattling around in the box. They also arrived within 48 hours (under normal shipping), although I imagine that I was just lucky!! In all, I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

YasukoParis, MS

The BEST baked beans!

For some strange reason Heinz chooses not to sell the same product in the US as it does in the UK – So do NOT be fooled – These are NOT the same as Heinz beans in a US grocery store; These are VERY healthy, no artificial additive, GREAT tasting beans – The BEST!
PeggieSunset, TX

I love Amazon! Where else can you find items like this online?

Having moved from Australia, where baked beans are in a tomato sauce base, my children were upset to discover that nearly every brand of baked beans on the US market had large amounts of brown sugar added. They did not like the sweet taste and this meant one less source of protein in their diets (which are terrible to begin with). I drove to every supermarket in a ten mile radius looking for Heinz baked beans and only found their “vegetarian” variety, which surprisingly, contains brown sugar (guess you gotta go with the flow?). Anyway, I’d pretty much given up on finding Heinz baked beans with the tomato sauce, until… after googling them, I found them on Amazon. Wow! I had no idea that Amazon sold groceries! Anyway, a dozen cans arrived in a tight plastic wrap, so no damage to the cans (not that it’s a problem, just noted others reviews that cans were bashing around in the box). Have to say, I LOVE Amazon. I got these delivered to my door. No more wasting time trying to find them!! Awesome!
RufusSalem, IN

What can I say?! SImply the best!

We have lived in the USA for 13 years now but there is one thing that we still have to have from England! HEINZ BAKED BEANS! We have tried various US versions & NOTHING compares to these beans. These are quite simply THE BEST! LOL!

So glad that Amazon sells them as it sure saves alot on the shipping. Makes them a economical “essential.”

KarlKelly, LA