Heinz Sweet Relish, 0.31-Ounce Single Serve Packages

200 packets of relish

Quick facts

  • Convenient single serve packages of relish
  • Product contains 200 packets of Heinz sweet relish
  • Perfect for picnics, packing lunches, food service, and camping

Top reviews

blue 1 food coloring = severe abdominal agony

I *cheer* the fact these pickle relish packages contain turmeric spice which is a super powerful anti-inflammatory (strong enough that my husband used turmeric capsules over pain meds when he had surgery for a hip fracture a couple years ago..)

However… these pickle relish packets contain BLUE 1! FD&C BLUE 1 causes severe abdominal distress in a percentage of the population (many of whom have yet to make the connection). If you aren’t sure why Blue 1 is such a bad idea, check out the FDA press release stating blue 1 is “casually linked” to fatalities they investigated.

I recently attended an event where these relish packets were served. Stoopidly I dumped the packet onto my food and a few hours later, like clockwork, I was in severe abdominal distress. Major GI issues. Checking around, sure enough, these packets show blue 1 in the ingredients. Just 1 packet had me doubled over in pain.. and worse.

Parents: if you aren’t sure why your kids randomly seem to develop stomach aches, diarrhea, abdominal distress, bloating, cramping or worse – bloody stools, start reading the food labels of everything consumed 24-36 hours prior to onset. A pattern will undoubtedly emerge…

BritniFontana, KS