Heinz Yellow Mustard Upsde Down 17 oz.

ready to pour when you are! 17 oz bottle

Quick facts

  • stay clean cap
  • drip free valve
  • ready to pour when you are!

Top reviews

Best Yellow Mustard in the World

Heinz yellow mustard is the best! I can’t find it where I live, so I order it. Heinz Yellow Mustard, 17.5-Ounce Squeeze Bottles (Pack of 12)
CherishCulpeper, VA

Best mustard ever but hard to find

Happy to get Heinz mustard, everyone carries the ketchup but not the mustard. I searched for a long time and had to sign up and wait for amazon to get it. What can I say, throw out what you have for basic mustard and try the Heinz.
LatoniaCarmichael, CA

Luv my Heinz

I am forever buying the 2 ketchup, 1 relish, 1 mustard 4pack at Costco as my only way to get this item. I end up giving away some ketchup and tossing the old relish when I have to buy the new because I’ve run out of mustard. This is exactly the yellow mustard I wanted, not the spicy type, and has over a years dating.
GraciaManitou, KY

as one gets a little older…

There are certain little things in life that makes one happy. Finding a place to purchase my favorite mustard is one of them. Like others who enjoy this product, it has been tuff to find except in the Heinz picnic pack along with the ketchup and relish. It was quickly shipped, with about a years experation date to go. Excellent!!!
EdisonBrinktown, MO

the mustard in the world

I have been looking for this mustard for a long long time my daughter’s father in law told me to go on
amazon.com and I found it but at that time it was not for sale I put it on my wish list
amazon sent me an e-mail and that’s how I got the best mustard in the world HEINZ YELLOW MUSTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



EarnestMacdoel, CA