Hela Curry Gewurz Ketchup Hot, 16 oz

Hela Curry Gewurz Hot Ketchup ( 400 ml )

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  • Hela Curry Gewurz Hot Ketchup
  • ( 400 ml )

Top reviews

Well ????

very disapointed in this product,little taste,certainly no curry at all!! You will be better off & money ahead with regulaer Ketchup. DO no waste your money!!!
AllenCrystal Bay, NV

It’s the best Jerry – the best!

I first had this in 1980, in Germany. I’ve since found various importers through the years and now am happy to see it on Amazon. Everyone I’ve ever shared this with loves it and wants more. Subtle curry taste that creeps up on you. Awesome on burgers, bangers (sausages) – even chicken nuggets.
KristieWind Gap, PA


This is just like what they serve in Germany for currywurst. It is light in flavor, not too spicy, but lots of good curry flavor. The consistency is runnier than regular ketchup. We use this on everything you would use regular ketchup for. It’s a great condiment to share – unexpected, unique and yummy!
SheraRhodes, IA


I am so glad to find the best Ketchup in the world available here at Amazon. Since I moved to the US, I had trouble to find a Ketchup similar to this one. Now I can enjoy all my meals with this Hela Ketchup.
MonetWest Swanzey, NH

love it!

This ketchup is so good!I grew up on this stuff in germany and eat it with all the traditional things you eat ketchup with but its so much more and you can use it for so many different things. to add flavor and consistency. its thicker than regular american ketchup but trust me once you try this you wont want to go back!its not super spicy or hot it just has an amazing mixture of flavors
TheoCuyahoga Falls, OH

Very good, very sweet, not too hot

For fans of curry ketchup, this one’s an excellent choice. It’s sweet and despite of the name it’s not too hot. Wish the bottle was larger though. Once you start using it you want to put that stuff on everything…

Tip: put this on chopped up bratwurst, sprinkle some powdered curry on top of it. Close to the real thing (“curry wurst”).

MilfordWest Baldwin, ME


Being from Europe aswell I was so happy to find this product here – to bad it seems of of stock now. It goes great with steak and … french fries 🙂
I wonder if they will ever sell it again, and if they do; I’m ordering right away.

I’d recommend this product to anyone!

TanaJemez Springs, NM

wonderful currywurst

Boil ball park franks in water for about 5 minutes… remove from water and slice up. Put hotdogs back in pan, add about a third of this sauce then add small amount of water and boil down. Serve with fries and you have a delicious european meal that is extremely cheap to make. 🙂
RubinGardner, CO

Best Thing Ever

Magic sauce is real, and this is it. The flavor is epic. Fantastic on bean salad, sausages, eggs, and much much more. I now consider it an absolutely essential condiment in my kitchen.
AngelicaConfluence, PA


This is an awesome product and I got it so quickly I was stunned!! Very, very, very happy with the entire experience!!
AngelenaPortola Valley, CA

Tastes delicious!

Being from Europe, I have used this sauce for years and years. I have not found anything that comes even close to its delicious taste. In Europe you can buy several brands that are alike but I like the Hela brand the best and I always have a bottle in my fridge. I prefer the smaller size bottle (400ml) because it fits better in my fridge door.

It says ketchup on the bottle but it nothing like ketchup or the spicy ketchups you can find at the regular shops. You just have to try it for yourself to decide whether you like it or not.

The sauce goes well on fried or grilled potatoes but it is also very nice on your bratz or other grilled meats & poultry. Mix it up with some mayonaise and you will get mayonaise with a kick.

The only negative I can think of would be the price. The price + shipping would be 7 times more than a bottle bought back home.

RudyClifton Forge, VA