Helwa Organic Wafers, Lemon, 3.5 Ounce

Light, crispy, wafers with a creamy Lemon filling. USDA organic. For two generations, the family owned Helwa Wafelbakkerji BV, located in the province of Friesland in northern Holland, has been dedicated to producing delicious wafers. Consummate skill and a love for the trade has earned them international acclaim as a producer of premium products. Today, their mission remains the same, the proudly bring you the best tasting organic wafers available. Certified USDA/NOP organic by Control Union Certifications. Product of Holland.

Quick facts

  • Delicious crispy wafers
  • No trans fats or hydrogenated oils
  • Great for snacking or parties
  • Made without milk products, also suitable for vegans
  • USDA organic

Top reviews

Good, tasty wafers, but where is expiration date?

These wafers very good and tasty. But where is expiration date on the packaging?! Why a manufacturer does not consider it necessary to specify it? Why only lot number?
LaraineKing And Queen Court Hous, VA

Lovely Treat – Not Too Sweet!

These cookies are our favorite summer treat – we keep them in the freezer so they get a cool soft crunch. They are sweet in that european way, so your teeth don’t hurt when you eat them! I am a health conscious sugar addict (a tough combo!) and these fit the bill just right when I cannot bake my own desserts. We love the fresh lemony flavor after a meal, or as a mid-afternoon snack.

If you like very sugary sweets, you probably won’t like these. However, if you want to wean yourself (or your kids!) off of a lot of white sugar intake, you might want to give these a try! A pack of 12 goes faster than you think…

BessieCarrollton, OH

Just barely O K

I purchased this in high hopes of an organic replacement for the quadratini wafers that we absolutely love but they fell short. They wafers aren’t crispy they’re thicker and quite hard like a thin piece of plywood(i wish i was joking) I would have given them less but after i smothered one of the wafers with peanut butter it tasted kind of like a Peanutty Buddy but after buying these over a month ago, they still sit in my cupboard (and i have 7 kids 🙁
and I wont even go there with the vanilla…
LeonidaBenton City, MO

Disappointingly thick and crunchy

What I like about wafers is the lightweight effect. Thought these would be similar to Manner wafers, with many exceedingly thin layers, however they are very different. The three wafers per piece are thick and crunchy rather than lightweight and paper-thin. In addition, the filling is scant and dry. The wafers lose their crispness very quickly when exposed to air, so must be eaten immediately upon opening. Given that these wafers have ingredients similar to those of the Manner competitor, they are overpriced and inferior in taste and texture. Other household members don’t like them either, so I will have to give them away. Will not buy again.
DexterBates, AR