Hero Bitter Orange Marmalade, 12 oz

Gluten Free. All natural ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. Ingredients: Sugar, oranges, wheat syrup, citric acid, pectin. Kosher Produced in Germany.

Quick facts

  • Kosher
  • No preservatives.
  • No artificial flavors or colors.
  • Gluten Free. All natural ingredients.

Top reviews

Marmalade Done Right

Most marmalades are so sugary that they mask the underlying bitterness of the citrus. This one puts the bitterness on display, to good effect. This is a real marmalade, and not an orange-colored jelly. Great on buttered toast.
MarthaMoro, OR

Great Taste and Texture

The word ‘bitter’ is a category, not the experience of this wonderfully fruity and chunky preserve. Hero brand Orange Marmalade Bitter has plenty of sweetness yet the natural tang is present, along with orange fiber and rind to enliven morning toast. Try it on roast pork. This is my favorite fruit spread of any kind, hands down. I give it 6 stars.
JoeyLithopolis, OH

No Hero in my book

I paid twice as much for shipping as the cost of the product. The product had too much gooey filler and only a slight amount of orange peel. It wasn’t all that bitter either. I won’t do that again!
EuniceWalworth, WI

Not as good as hoped.

I love marmalade and constantly am searching to find an exceptional product. This was not it. The bitterness was there but the product was just too dense as if it had too much pectin. I blended it with a domestic marmalade and together they were satisfactory. The search continues.
KayceePryor, MT

when they say “bitter” they REALLY mean it

I like a middle of the road marmalade, not overwhelmingly sweet, but also not too bitter. This product, in a 20g serving, has 10g of sugars and to me it doesn’t taste like it’s even remotely sweet. If you really like a bitter marmalade you’ll probably like this, but it’s not to my taste.
ElaineWestlake, OH