Hershey Whoppers, 12 Ounce

The captivating story of Hershey’s spans nearly a century and a half of industrial and social change. It was in the year 1894 that candy manufacturer Milton Hershey made the decision to try adding chocolate coating to his caramels. Calling this new enterprise the Hershey chocolate company, he located it near the area he had been born, amid the rolling farmland of Derry township, pa. By the summer of 1905, with the milk from nearby dairy farms and the spirit of hard-working local people, his new factory started turning out delicious milk chocolate.

Quick facts

  • The original malted milk, whoppers malted milk balls are still the perfect treat to grab before a movie or to mix into your ice cream

Top reviews

but it’s just a malted milk ball

Boy are these things good. The innards melt down into pure sweetness, not unlike a mouthful of cotton candy, an irregular but constant reward for any consumer with the patience to allow it break down at it’s own rate.

Here’s what I do. I bite off the top quarter or so, munch it, then let the remaining milk ball rest flat side down on my tongue, to dissolve from the inside out, leaving the last lingering tastes of maltose to be quickly chased by the collapsing chocolate outside. If you get really good, you can stick these in the freezer before hand and then really test how patiently you can eat these. With practice you can enjoy a single whopper for 30 minutes.

I just saw a recipe on the internet: Crush up about 8 oz. of malted milk balls, mix it with 8 oz. of cool whip and a pint of vanilla ice cream, poor it on a graham cracker crust. Sounds like something my grandmother would do, but I bet it’s good.

Buy Hershey’s Whoppers. They got it right. Just the right mix. Not too heavy on the chocolate. You can find fancier, more expensive gourmet malted milk balls, but they don’t improve on the basic Hershey’s Whopper. Thank you for listening.

Kids: always brush your teeth after eating candy and visit your dentist regularly.

JacintaBarneston, NE