HERSHEY’S Baking Chips

Founded over 120 years ago by the first American to develop a formula for manufacturing milk chocolate, the Hershey’s brand creates delicious candies that are known and enjoyed by millions around the world. Easily add the delicious almond flavor of HEATH Toffee to desserts and more with HEATH BITS OF BRICKLE Toffee Bits. This versatile, multipurpose ingredient is perfect for cookies, brownies, pancakes, and more. Every bag is sealed for freshness and great taste, and includes delicious recipes from Hershey’s on the back. Gluten-free and OU Kosher Certified, HERSHEY’S Chocolate and candies have been an American favorite since 1894. This product ships as 8-ounce bags in a pack of 12.

Quick facts

  • Contains Hershey’s baking pieces 8 ounce bags in a pack of 12
  • It has the taste of almond
  • contains iron, protein and very little fat and cholestrol
  • Approved by the Kashruth division of the union of orthodox jewish congregations of america

Top reviews

very pleased

This product which I have many holiday recipes for became unavailable in my area. The only similar product was the same thing but with chocolate along with it. My recipes were for the toffee bit pieces only. We have
several grocery stores in my area that had carried it in years past, so I
had thought this product was no longer made. Much to my delight Amazon not only carried it but at a very reasonable price. One tip I might add is that since this product comes in boxes of 12, they do freeze perfectly. I just put the extras in a ziploc bag and pull a bag out of the freezer as I need it. This product can get a rancid or off taste otherwise if not used in a timely manner. But frozen they remain unchanged, and does not affect the quality in the slightest.
KarissaCollinwood, TN

Excellent for cookies

Look up Blue Ribbon Almond Roca Cookies on […] and buy these toffee bits to make them. Incredibly delicious! I couldn’t find these in any NYC store so was happy to find them on amazon.com. I did have to buy an entire case. But I was happy to share a few packs with family and friends so they could make their own batches or excellent cookies too.
EmmanuelOakfield, WI

Important ingredient in my granola bars!

About a year ago I started making my own granola bars. I’ve experimented with a lot of recipes, but my family favorite is a pecan-coconut-toffee granola bar. After making many batches, my local grocery stores stopped carrying Heath Bits ‘o Brickle. My family was not happy about this, so I turned to Amazon and found a great deal on a box of 12.
NelleVaughn, NM

Wonderful item….great pricing!!!

This was a great buy, much less expensive than in my local grocery store…and shipped quickly!!!
AdrieneMarble Hill, GA

Heath baking bits….

I put these in my fav chocolate chip cookie dough together with chunked up bits of bittersweet chocolate. It was delicious. Maybe in a coffee flavored cookie next time. They do get an off taste/go rancid after a while so be sure to smell or taste them before using. Excellent suggestion to store in freezer.
VictorLoretto, MN

Heath Bits ‘o Brickle

After an unsuccessful city wide search for Bit’s ‘o Brickle
before Christmas, I decided I’d either have to do without
them or search online. I should have known Amazon.com would
be where I’d find them! Most of us “elders” remember Butter
Brickle ice cream and Betty Crocker’s Butter Brickle cake
mix, which have long since disappeared from the stores,
so I was delighted to actually find the baking pieces were
available. I ordered a whole box of them! My cookies for
the cookie exchange were a hit, and I still have
Bit’s ‘o Brickle pieces to make cakes & cookies or to sprinkle
on ice cream. Mmmm, good!
SteffanieDell Rapids, SD

These toffee bits rock!

Once upon a time one could purchase toffee bits in grocery stores. I’ve used brickle bits in muffin recipes, for pie crusts, over ice cream. Then, at one point, stores stopped carrying the toffee bits. You can get the Heath bar variety, but there are times when just plain old toffee bits are called for.

Amazon to the rescue. After having searched every grocery store in the Seattle area, I looked online, and there they were. Toffee bits. Just waiting for me to order.

I have more brickle bits than I know what to do with now, so I’ve given a few bags away. I gave one to a woman I work with a few days ago, just on a whim. ‘Oh my GOD!’ she cried out, ‘I have been looking for this EVERYWHERE!.’ She was making a pumpkin toffee cheesecake. It was nice to bring such great joy with such a small thing.

I hope Amazon continues to carry these toffee bits. As soon as it looks like I may be running low I will put in another order.

WiltonWillow Springs, MO