HERSHEY’S Sugar Free Caramel-Filled Milk Chocolate

Savor sweet chocolate guilt-free with HERSHEY’S Sugar Free Caramel-Filled Milk Chocolate. Indulge chocolate and caramel cravings any time with this pack of sugar-free snack-size bars. Enjoy the taste of HERSHEY’S Chocolate with caramel without the sugar. These bars are perfect anytime snack, perfectly portable for lunch bags and the office stash. HERSHEY’S Candies are OU Certified as a Kosher dairy product, and are manufactured on equipment that also processes milk, tree nuts, and peanuts. This product ships as 3-ounce bags in a pack of 12.

Quick facts

  • Same famous taste, only sugar-free!

Top reviews

shipping charges excessive

I ordered this prouct along with 2 others. I bought all together to get the “FREE SHIPPING over $30”. What really happened is that each item shipped from a different location and I was charged seperate shipping for each. The shipping was such that I could buy these products more cheaply at the corner drug store. I feel I was misled into overbuying and was left feeling ripped off by Amazon. This is the experience I shared with my friends. After this purchase I bought books from Walmart on line for the first time.
LorindaJermyn, TX


Wow, I have to admit these are really yummy. I don’t know how they did it, but they don’t have that “imitation-sugar” taste at all. They’re small little bars (slightly bigger than the normal hershey’s miniatures), but for only 30 calories a piece, they are a perfect afternoon treat when you need something sweet at the office.
LottieDumont, MN

Fast Delivery – Item as described.

This candy is amazing! Great tasting chocolate and caramel and still sugar free. I wish it was for sale locally, but am happy I get a chance to purchase online.
SirenaCampbellton, FL

Great Diabetic Friendly Candy – Highly Recommended!

Hershey “Sugar Free Caramel Filled Chocolates” are very good diabetic friendly chocolate candies. These are fairly small, but are very tasty.

Sweetened with Splenda, these do not significantly impact my blood sugar levels or cause gastric distress.

Highly Recommended!


MargeneCasper, WY

YUMMY, smooth, delicious

If you cannot eat regular chocolate, these are just wonderful. YUMMY. For diabetics and people who are choosing not to eat sugar (plus fewer calories) these are very tasty.
MariannSpring Hill, FL

Diabetic Delight

These chocolates are a welcome find. They taste the same as regular chocolate but they don’t spike my blood sugar. I treat myself to a couple at a time when I have a sweet tooth. It’s great to be able to satisfy my craving without the extra sugar. And fortunately the Maltitol doesn’t seem to bother my digestive system.

They’re a little pricey but I found a great bulk deal at another online source.

BlancaFairfield, TX