Hi-Tek Naturals Dry Dog Food for Less Active and Large Breeds

Hi-Tek Naturals Chicken Meal & Rice Formula for Less Active and Large Breeds is formulated for conditions where a lower level of energy is required or where weight gain may be an issue. Brown rice, chicken meal, pearled barley, white rice, whole milo, and pork meat meal head the ingredient list, a list carefully balanced and containing all the vitamins and minerals known to be a necessary part of a quality canine diet. Expect the same rich coat, bright eyes and firm stool that our active formula provides.

Quick facts

  • Formulated for dogs requiring a lower level of energy or where weight gain may be an issue
  • Irresistible formulation of brown rice, chicken meal, pearled barley, white rice, whole milo and pork meat meal
  • Balanced nutrition with all the vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that produce great coats and health
  • Meets all AAFCO standards and includes Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids, and the pre- and pro-biotics needed for excellent digestive health
  • A super premium canine diet at a grocery store price, this diet offers unbeatable value without sacrificing nutritional quality

Top reviews

Rancid and hugely overpriced

This product -eg the 35 lb bag- just DOUBLED in price, from 35 to 63$ for a 35lbs bag. Strangely the price for the 17 lb bag has remained unchanged..

Delivery was prompt (prime), but on opening the bag the rancid smell was overwhelming. Granted it is still summer, but this bag must have been in a warehouse storage for some time.

Aside from the rancid smell, it looked as advertised, small kibble without coloring, ingredients said to be all from the US.

However, there is no justification to grossly overcharge for it.

I will not reorder for that reason. And because the heavy rancidity of this product.


ErickPalm Bay, FL

My dogs love it!

I am so glad Amazon had our brand! After our distributor went out of business, I couldn’t find Hi-Tek anywhere! We switched our two Cattle dog mixes to Hi-Tek from Blue Buffalo after it made our 9-year-old gassy. This food is all natural and made in America (even the packaging is made in the USA) and I can get a huge bag of Hi-Tek for $20 less than other natural brands in the pet store with Amazon’s free shipping. When I forgot to order more food and had to get another natural brand at the pet store, my dog turned her nose up at it and waited until we got the Hi-Tek in the mail (the next day) to eat!

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Hi-Tek! Natural food on a budget.

AsaHarmony, MN

Great Quality for the Price

This is one of the few dog foods that agrees with my puppies, and it has great high quality ingredients and value! I am a college kid who worries about her pets health, and this is a premium dog food at a great price.
ChiKeystone, IN

good quality, dependable delivery

I have purchased this product several times and is now the only dog food I use. I needed a dog food that was grain free as my breed does not tolerate corn and other grains. I end up feeding both my dogs a smaller quantity and so the food goes a lot further.
KatiaBergheim, TX


I bought this dog food a month ago for 31$ it is now priced at 64$! What kind of company jacks up the price like that? I can buy much more high quality dog food for much less then this, plus better ingredients! Noone is going to pay that much for this dog food!
BeataPleasant Grove, AR

Drastic cost increases!

My 4 stars is for the original price!!! I bought a 35# bag of Hi-Tek Naturals Lamb Meal for Less Active and Large Breeds in 10/6/12 for $36.80. Only a week later it is OVER DOUBLE this price ($76.34 on 10/11/12)?? It is a good dog food, but for $36! It is not worth over 75 dollars! I hope they get such a decrease in revenue that they revert to their original price.

As for this food itself, I do like Hi-Tek brand and have tried multiple foods. My dog likes all of them fine, and her stools are smaller, less frequent, less smelly. The fat content of this Less active formulation is 12% as opposed to the normal 16% ( Hi-tek chicken meal with sweet potato is my comparison, $47.38 for 30# on 10/6/12, $45.99 for 30# 7/7/2012). However, the protein is decreased from the normal food – this one is 21% and normal food is 32%. I believe this is a reflection in the decrease of the quality of ingredients. The first five ingredients in the Less active formulation are: Lamb meal, pearled barley, white rice, brown rice, whole milo (another grain) followed by pork meal and some vitamins. Seems to me, a smart person would just buy the regular food and add some rice! The first five ingredients of the regular formulation are: Chicken meal, sweet potato, peas, pork meal, egg followed by duck meal, salmon meal, and a bunch of fruits and vitamins.

Bottom line: love Hi-tek, kinda upset about the price changes, this food is not worth a penny over the original formulation even though you get 5# more. In this food they just cut protein sources and fruits and added more “filler” like rice.

LatriceIthaca, MI

excellent product

This brand of food works great for all three of my dogs, ages 11, 9 and 2 yrs. Since feeding I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of stools in the yard and they are all maintaining a good weight throughout the year.
SheaVillard, MN

Makes for Happy Doggies

I highly recommend Hi-Tek Naturals! Originally, I thought that my foster Great Dane was a picky eater, then started feeding him this food. Now he leaps around like a puppy when the kibble hits the dish.
You can’t beat the price for the quality of food. On top of that, free shipping? Awesome!
HollieKleinfeltersville, PA

Dog love it

My Saint has a sensitive stomach and this food is great. No intestinal problems and solid. Both of my dogs seem to really like it and the price is right on Amazon!
NicolettePavilion, NY