Hibiscus Flower, 2 Lb Bag

Hibiscus Flower (Hibiscus salbdariffa) is a dried flower that is used for flavoring warm beverages and soups. These dried flowers have a trumpet shaped body, about an inch in length. They are dark burgundy in color. These flowers lend a floral flavor profile to hot drinks or soups and can be used as a garnish. Hoosier Hill Farm is located in America’s heartland of northeast Indiana. Our products and ingredients are guaranteed fresh and we are proud of our heritage and good, old-fashioned values!

Quick facts

  • Hibiscus Flowers, Dried 2 lb Bag
  • Produces a floral flavoring in the beverage.
  • Primarily used for teas and warm beverages. Produces a floral flavoring in the beverage.
  • Hoosier Hill Farm Brand – satisfaction is guaranteed

Top reviews

Excellent product.

This product is steeped in water to make a tea or drink that is something like a fruit punch. This 2-lb bag is economical and the flowers (actually a calyx, I think, if you want to be technical) are clean and fresh. A relative of mine uses the drink for medicinal purposes and has had good results with it. One caveat: It stains badly if you spill it so it’s best to keep it away from any heirloom tablecloths you may have.
ShennaMc Farland, WI

Fabulous Hibiscus TEA!

I haven’t had Hibiscus tea before, despite living in Hawaii for a long time. I saw Dr. Oz recommend it for high blood pressure and lowering cholesterol, as well as other benefits.

I drink regular tea all the time, every day. But it has caffeine and I try to reduce my caffeine intake. I received my order very quickly and was surprised by the volume, but had to remember these are whole flowers. I brewed my first teapot (I only drink iced tea), and was SOOOOoooooo happy! I sweeten with stevia, so i sweeten the whole pot and then pour over ice cubes. I was so pleasantly surprised. It is absolutely DELICIOUS! and no caffeine. These blooms are just FIRST rate! I Highly commend this product and will purchase again. It’s just Great!

ReneePrinceton, KS


As a fan of Hibiscus tea I’ve tried literally 20 different brands/types. This is definitely in my top 3 favorites.
GerardColumbus, WI

perfect! Quick delivery, great price

Huge bags. I boil the flowers with cinnamon sticks and let it steep. Sweeten with Splenda, and have a concentrate. I only use a shot or two and then top with water and ice. Great healthy beverage. Cholesteral has lowered dramatically. I plan to use this seller again.

(might make a nice martini too!)

ArlethaSaint Paul, OR

Great product, great value.

I received the product very quickly. The flowers are as advertised and in great shape… I wouldn’t buy these anywhere else. It’s a great value and awesome product.
DortheaKellnersville, WI

hibiscus tea

hibiscus tea flowers of good quality, makes lovely red tea might be called cranberry in color. Hibiscus flower is a bit bitter
so I added a lemon tea bag to the infuser.
DarleneFort Irwin, CA

Wonderful quality

This is great whole flower tea of very high quality at an affordable price. would highly recommend this if you like hibiscus tea. brews a deep crimson red and has a wonderful flavor and arrived very quickly.
KathyrnHolland, MO

Found my dried flowers to make Sorrel aka hibiscus flower

This was the best value that I found online. Received my product quickly and evertything was in order. I’ll definitely order from this company again because the dried hibiscus flowers were full and looked great. Can’t wait to make the Caribbean drink known as sorrel!
SerafinaGranite Bay, CA


Received my 2 lb bag of Hibiscus Flowers much sooner than anticipated. Very happy with the product and would definitely buy again!
DottyFairfield, IA