Hikari Miso’s Minute Miso

Concentrated Miso. Great as a Soup Mix, Marinade or Dressing Ingredient. All Natural

Quick facts

  • Concentrated Miso Flavor in Liquid Form
  • Comes in a Convenient Plastic Bottle. Shelf Stable
  • Great Seasoning to make Dressings and Marinades
  • Makes a Quick and Easy Miso Soup. Just Pour in the Liquid Miso to your liking and Add Hot Water
  • Take it to Any Outdoor Event for a Quick Seasoning

Top reviews

Review is about the misleading website information not the item

I like this product. I had previously ordered the pack of three but it was discontinued on Amazon for a few weeks. In the meantime I checked out the two pack which was more expensive plus a high shipping cost. The site didnt tell me how large the two bottles were but when I read that the weight was 8.8 lbs, I knew they were substantially larger. I really needed the product as I have enjoyed using it,so I ordered them.

What a surprise when I received two 10 ounce bottles. I dont know how the company could claim that it weighed in at 8.8 lbs. I was totally mislead. I have contacted the company for a refund or to return the two tiny bottles. So if your interested in this product which is a good one, DO NOT buy the pack of two as the weight is not TRUE. Check out the pack of three from Amazon – that is the best and TRUE deal. Read my review on the three bottles ——

BulahIrwin, IA