Himalayan Pride Indian Basmati Rice, 5 Pound Bags

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Quick facts

  • Unique flavor, naturally aromatic, and delicate texture
  • Aged a minimum of one year
  • Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas; raised in combination with soil and climate conditions along with a nutritional water source from the melting snow of the Himalayan Mountains
  • Woven cloth bag with zipper

Top reviews

Full Circle

My family left Asia, so that we can eat Asian food imported to the USA. Even more ironic that I’m in San Francisco, and I have to order from Amazon.com, rice that was imported to San Francisco, and have it shipped back to San Francisco.

As far as rice goes, this is pretty expensive. Asian markets sell rice for much less. But if you’re in the middle of some place without an Asian market, then this is a great deal.

Some say they can tell the difference between different types of rice. Supposedly, rice is like wine, coffee, et cetera. A lot of different fragrances, taste, and textures. I’m not that sophisticated. But it works for me when I serve it with a stir fry. The next day, I take the leftover rice & leftover stir fry, and make a fried rice.

AishaSteens, MS

UM-UM good

have bought this befor so you know i like it, but got these 2-5’lbs bags this time ( instead of 1-10’lb ) for the convenience of storage.
JoKeldron, SD

Too near expiry date

My two packages, received today January 7 2012, both have a February 2012 expiry date. That’s not OK. I contacted amazon.com via on-line chat and was offered a $10 partial refund, which I found fair, but I cancelled my subscription. Now I’ll have to find another source for this excellent rice.
ChiekoElberta, MI

Your Regular Basmati

I may not be a connoisseur of basmati rice but it tastes like regular basmati to me, so I am pretty happy with it.
ZulemaCamp Crook, SD

Acceptable aroma, but lacks in appearance.

I could smell the authentic basmati aroma as soon as i opened the bag, and it kept the aroma when it was cooked. However, I felt like this had more starch content due to constant cloudiness of the water when washing the rice compared to other brands, and the outcome wasn’t as “pure-tasting.” Lastly, I personally look for cooked grains with nicely elongated shape which this rice was a bit shorter, and fatter compared to other brands. I wouldn’t mind finishing it up, but wouldn’t subscribe to it.
CherrieEsperance, NY

Fabulous Rice

This rice is so delicious, cooks very quickly and is long and kind of has a noodle flavor. Cooked in chicken broth it is like chicken and stars soup, only much better. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the rice. It needs lots of rinsing, rise under cold water in a sieve till the water runs clear not white cloudy, but I have always washed my rice since learning that from a sushi chef, years ago. This gets top ratings in my book and I will buy again.
ConsuelaPonce De Leon, MO

Very good rice! Comes out perfectly each time.

I love this rice, it is fluffy and has a nice smell, sorta like popcorn popping. It is a verry long grain and it seprates from each other. Makes a perfect rice for Curry and the leftovers are great for Chinese Fried Rice. You must follow directions and let rice soak 15 minutes after cleaning it, but in 15 more minutes you have fluffy perfect rice. For the Latinos out there it makes good “Con Con” on the bottom of pan. 5 stars, I also like the bag it comes in, it zips up and you can hang it on a door knob or whatever you want.
AnnamarieEdison, CA

Good basmati

We like Basmati rice but find it either (1) pretty expensive in the supermarket or (2) in too big a quantity (often 20 lb.) at warehouse stores. This was a good compromise – decent price and not too much to store/use in a reasonable time, plus the two bag pkg will make it easy to share with family or friend. I can’t really tell one Basmati from another, but this seems at least as good as any we’ve had. Followed cooking directions exactly and it came out perfect.
HyoHamilton, CO

Aromatic Rice

Wonderful Basmati rice with great aroma, taste and testure. Not a sticky rice. Makes a great rice salad (substitute this rice for pasta in a pasta salad recipe)that my family enjoys.
TaniaLake George, MN

Always exellent

Have been ordering this rice from Amazon.com for a few years now.Same good quality every time.And the price cannot be beat that I can find.
KristalEdgecomb, ME

Great rice-has a sweetness to it

You can really taste the sweetness in this rice, I’ve cooked it on the stovetop and microwave, they are both easy and the rice turns out great. It comes out nice and fluffy.
EdrisGene Autry, OK

cant to wrong

This is great rice at cheaper than I can get it at the store here…
There is free shipping…
You can use the bag to store stuff afterwards.
I can’t think of anything that could possibly be better about it.

Don’t forget to rinse, that part is important

TerinaEtna Green, IN

Favorite rice

I was given a bag of this rice several years ago and absolutely loved it but had not been able to find it anywhere. When i found it on Amazon i immediately ordered 20lbs. This is the most flavorful rice i’ve ever eaten. It makes excellent rice dishes.
CapriceStockton, AL

Amazing taste and value

Basmati is the favored rice in my house, and I was tired of paying a fortune for a small tub at my local grocery. I’ve recently started purchasing more food products through Amazon (agave nectar, coconut oil, ground flax seeds), when my husband suggested looking for rice. I was amazed at the price, but even more so, the product itself. When a pot is cooking in the rice cooker, the entire house smells amazing. The flavor is perfect, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the purchase.
AssuntaMilford, ME