Himalayan Salt Crystal Salt Coarse, 18 Ounce

Aloha Bay Himalayan Crystal Salt Coarse. Description: For Salt Mills. Coarse. The Best Salt on Earth. Bio-energetically “alive,” this 100% pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the same key trace minerals as our bodies, so it is easily metabolized. Hammer-crushed and Additive Free. Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Quick facts

  • Aloha bay himalayan crystal salt coarse
  • Bio-energetically alive, this 100% pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains the same key trace minerals as our bodies, so it is easily metabolized
  • Hammer-crushed and Additive Free

Top reviews

Bad advertisement, bad product

You don’t need Himalayan salt. They’re gouging the price of some salt they mined in Asia to confuse you into buying their product.

I’m not satisfied with the ass-backwards way they market salt as a “healthy alternative” to regular salt.

Sea salt is just as good as “Himalayan salt” if not better, and it costs about $1.50 for twice the amount as this 18 ounce bag of junk.

It’s a marketing scheme. Do your research about salt instead of falling for this scam.

JacquelynMillington, IL

Tasty AND Healthy!

The first time I purchased this, I paid twice as much in a health food store. Initially, the ‘Aloha Bay Himalayan Crystal Salt’ took getting use to after decades of having processed sea salt. I was motivated to continue using it because of the beautiful coral color and my new, clear, glass salt grinder! Once my taste buds adapted, I was sold on this product. I love that I am getting needed minerals into my diet in such a delicious form.

When making popcorn, I prefer to use the already ground, ‘Eden French Celtic Hand Harvested Sea Salt’ for its unique flavor, but the Himalayan salt will continue to be my usual table salt.

As a side note; several years ago I invested in small quantities of about eight different salts with trace minerals, in the search for those I liked best. The top two of my taste choice, are listed above. I enjoyed the quest and would encourage you to do the same, if you appreciate high quality.

LucienDiboll, TX