Hime Genmai Cha Green Tea and Roasted Brown Rice, 10-Ounce Boxes

Japanese Green Tea with Roasted Brown Rice.

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Only slightly nasty

Ok, so, Genmai Cha tea is not for everyone. My wife won’t let me make it in the kitchen because it smells SO bad. I personally love it even though it kind of smells like nutty toasted tuna (really).

All Genmai Cha smells like this (I have found). However some are better tasting than others. This one is just “ok”, not totally nasty, yet not great either, but it is cheap, so that’s a plus (I guess). I usually get the Peet’s Tea brand, but it is SO expensive ($10 per 1/4 pound).

This tea is a bargain if you can embrace the nastiness. 🙂

GwynExcello, MO

Great tea

I usually order Adagio genmaicha (which costs 5 times as much), but decided to try this because the price was right. I didn’t know what to expect, but it is very comparable to Adagio tea. The leaves were smaller in the Hime tea and overall the tea was a little more nutty, but still wonderful. Genmaicha has a great smoky and earthy taste that is great to drink at any time. The packaging is 4 big boxes in foil packages that seem to store well so far. I’ll be ordering again when I run out. It’s delicious.
LeandraGrady, NM

Hime Genmai Tea

Hime Genmai Tea is the same tea exclusively served at our grandparents’ house in Downtown Los Angeles in the 1950’s. I was so pleased to find it advertised online, which is where I purchased it, 4 boxes shipped out at ~$22.00 including shipping. The flavor is earthy and delicious, with a subtle nutty aspect, derived from the roasted rice. It is yellow, not green, in color; a large tablespoon is sufficient for a good-sized teapot. You definitely want to use a teaball, as it comes loose-leaf from the box. This tea is so satisfying, you need not add any sweetners. It goes well with any food, and I find that a cup consumed at the end of my day is highly satisfying. I’ve given away boxes to my son’s family, my hairdresser, my friends. Makes a nice gift.
AlexanderGans, OK

Great, Reasonably-Priced Genmai Cha

This really is excellent genmai cha: they obviously have started with good-quality green tea, on which many brands clearly skimp, and have both roasted rice and puffed sorgum (which some brands omit). Inside the box, the tea is in a sealed foil bag to maintain freshness and reduce oxidation of the polyphenols. And the price is really quite good.
RhettLakeport, CA

Great Tea

I love this tea, i used to buy it at the grocery store in Chinatown all the time. It has a nice relaxing taste, the leaves last at least two seepings and you get a nice amount per box.
NikitaMarengo, IN

Delicious and nutritious!

This tea is wonderful. I have looked forward to it every morning for the past 10 years. It has a mellow and nutty flavor, and I can easily say it is the best green tea I have ever tried. And, for me, one box lasts upto 6 weeks! You will not be dissapointed.
EarnestineRipon, CA

Satisfyingly Nutty

This is an excellent loose leaf tea, which can be brewed as long as you like (I forgot about it for about 30 minutes first time I made it), and it’s never bitter. I like it hot, but iced is devine.

I will say that the box instruction — brew for 30 seconds — is useless. 30 seconds gets you barely colored hot water and zero flavor or aroma. I usually brew for about seven minutes, using 3 tablespoons genmai to 4 cups water. Then I re-use the leaves for another 4 cups, brew for 8 minutes, and blend the two brewings into a pitcher. Perfect iced tea.

Excellent tea, excellent value.

IanNashville, IL


There is a surprise when you spoon the tea into a tea strainer. There are popped sorghum seeds that look like miniature popped corn. The tea has a stronger aroma than most green teas and a richer taste. It is now a favorite tea right up next to gunpowder green tea.

Because Amazon only has it available in 4 box cartons I am sharing it with my daughers who also are tea drinkers.

RonaldMoravian Falls, NC

Finally found the green tea that I was looking for

This is the closest I got to the green tea I drink at Japanese/Korean restaurants. It is delicious and nutty without any bitterness. You can make it as strong or weak as you like based on the measurement you use. Tea comes loose and should be used with a teapot but I don’t have any problems dropping about a teaspoon in the bottom of my cup and drinking it with the leaves on the bottom. Very happy with my purchase.
AmandaEdwards, CA

best genmaicha

I used to buy this tea at Safeway but can’t get it there anymore. I’ve since tried others – all more expensive – and none lives up to this one. Great value, and yummie tea. For those who don’t know Genmaicha – it’s a very satisfying green tea that’s a wonderful and healthy coffee substitute.
AnnDeer, AR