Hint Premium Essence Water, Mango-Grapefruit, 16-Ounce Bottles

The idea behind Hint is simple: Pure water, nature’s original refreshment, accented with natural flavor to make it tasty. Not sweetened, dyed, chemical-ed, vitamin-ed or anything else-ed! Hint is a refreshing and healthy alternative to juice, soda and other sweetened drinks. Great taste without all the junk. Finally: Freedom from the boredom of plain water! Join the movement, and remember: Drink Water, Not Sugar.

Quick facts

  • It’s water, just more delicious
  • All natural, lightly flavored refreshment with zero calories
  • No sweeteners, sodium, gluten, GMOs, MSG or preservatives
  • Vegan and kosher
  • Product of the USA

Top reviews

Poor weak taste, 99.9 water 0.01 fruit taste

Hopes were high but this product isn’t worth a dime to me. I’ve tasted other water based drinks but this one is
the worst. Sorry I wasted my money.
BridgetWest Chop, MA

Not Worth The Price

I would not purchase this product again and would not ask anyone to purchase it either. It had more amoma then taste. When they say “HINT” they mean hint of flavor. I read a lot of reviews that were in favor of the flavor, but it certainly wasn’t worth $36.00, (I bought two cases)!!!

Live and learn.

JanisMontgomery, NY

Hint Grapefruit-Mango water

It’s a good idea, water with flavor but no sugar or artificial flavors. But I didn’t like this water at all. It’s too sweet for my taste and the water itself did not have a “clean” taste. (I actually thought I tasted chlorine.) I was hoping for something like the now discontinued “Ice” Water, but this didn’t do it for me, in spite of the premium price. I personally would not recommend this product. If you’re looking for a nice refreshing flavored unsweetened water, try MetroMint.
LatriciaPelican, LA

Made my stomach hurt.

I noted as soon as I bought this water that it is “purified”, which means it can come from Slug-a-Bug Lake and still become potable. I can drink most of the varieties, which I do without any illusions of virgin water; but the grapefruit/mango upsets my stomach. My daughter has had the same reaction to the watermelon flavor. I’ll try other flavors, because I like the idea; but I wonder what is the difference between Premium and other Hint waters?
LeannNickerson, NE

Loved this water!

I am trying to drink more water but it gets boring. This water tastes great. It isn’t too sweet but has a wonderful fruit flavor. It is expensive so I am not sure how often I will buy it. I am glad Amazon sells it.
CarlottaWillmar, MN

Great flavor!

I noticed some very poor reviews on this flavor, but I really don’t know why. Yes, we all have different taste preferences. I find this water to be light, refreshing, and NOT sweet tasting! When this is ice cold it is awesome! You can definitely taste the fruity flavor. I have tried most of the flavors, and this is definitely the one I keep coming back to. I have never tasted chlorine, or any other off flavors, and I am sensitive to many flavors. I would recommend this product. I have been purchasing this water for over a year now from one of the high-end organic markets, and was happy to see that Amazon nows sells it.
NobukoFolsomville, IN


I have been looking everywhere for water with a hint of grapefruit in it ever since Vitamin water discontinued theres. This reminds me of it, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I could taste more mango than grapefruit but it was still real good!
CecileBrewster, NE

Love this Water

This water rocks! I have a hard time drinking enough water during the day, but I have no problem when I drink this product! I have tried other flavors but I really love the mango grapefruit the best. I am thrilled that the water is pure – no artificial sweeteners and with no calories/carbs. I highly recommend this product for those of you who need to drink water but just can’t get motivated to drink the plain stuff. Yes, it is a little pricey, but worth it if you need to keep hydrated to stay healthy.
FloraDurbin, WV

My favorite

Of this brand, this flavor is my favorite, much to my surprise. It has more taste to it, than the pear or peppermint. Great cold. I know I am drinking flavored water w/o the sweet taste other brands have.
TravisRaleigh, ND

This water is delicious!

I’m not much of a water drinker, although I certainly know the necessity. I needed to find something to drink that was palatable–regular water from the tap in a glass makes me choke. HINT is perfect:I tried a few of the flavors, and I must say that MANGO-RED GRAPEFRUIT is one of the 3 I have ordered from Amazon to be delivered monthly.
I get my water down! And no sugar! And I notice a difference! And the flavor of this beverage leaves a nice feeling in my nose and mouth!
TamikoFranklin Lakes, NJ


I love hint water. I was glad to discover this flavor but due to medications I am on cannot drink it. All the flavors are great. I am very limited to what I can drink due to it destroying the enamel on my teeth so this works out great for me. Just the right amount of flavor.
NoemiHughes, AK

Hint Water mango Grapefruit

Love this stuff. The mango erases the sourness that grapefruit can have, but the taste is still there. Do auto shipment and save about 75 cents a bottle from what store purchase would cost me.
ErasmoRaquette Lake, NY

Yummy zero calorie treat!

The first time I actually tried this water I was in labor with my son in the hospital- it has such a great taste and aftertaste. It does not taste artificial at all which I can appreciate. Definately worth a try if you’ve never had it before!
HilarioLazbuddie, TX


Water that’s more, with less! Fabulous! Mango-Grapefruit is divine. Grapefruit, bitter right? Not at all. No over powering taste! No after taste from sweetners! I will try them all. I’ll tell everyone!
JohnnyPembroke, VA

I drink it every day!!

I HATE water. People balk at me, but I think that plain old water tastes like spit. The Hint (true to its name) has just the slightest aftertaste of fruit that makes the water drinking experience not only palatable, but enjoyable. I drink at least one every day!
JodieColumbia, CA