Historic Lychburg Tennessee Whiskey Barbecue Sauce 86 POOF! – Sweet & Mild

Our family recipe was created around the turn of the century, almost 5 generations ago. The olds folks wanted a distinctive flavor and realized that the local Tennessee Whiskey was the answer. The family is proud of their delicious barbecue sauce and they are committed to bringing you the finest traditional old time quality barbecue sauce available.

Quick facts

  • All Historic Lynchburg Products ingredients include Jack Daniel’s Black Label Whiskey
  • 1st Place Winner at the American Royal Sauce Contest

Top reviews

Jacl Daniels 86 Poof GREAT BBQ Sauce

I went way out of my way to acquire two bottles of Lynchburg Tennessee Jack Daniels 86 Poof BBQ sauce. I used to pass through Nashville, Tennessee frequently and always picked up a bottle or two to bring home to Arizona. I don’t get to Tennessee much anymore, so the last time I passed through Nashville, Tennessee airport, I stopped at a shop and bought two bottles. Mind you, I was on a dead-run to get to an already-boarding flight that I had to hustle to catch. But, I had to get my 86 Poof! When I got home, my dear beloved wife gave away both bottles to friends who had helped out housesitting while we were away…..Sooooo, I ordered more bottles online at Amazon. Now all is well, and I am enjoying by 86 Poof once again. – –
MelitaSiloam Springs, AR

great sauce

Used this sauce in a vinegar based mop and also to dip after ribs were cooked. Has some spice to it, but slightly sweet. Very tasty, I’d recommend this to anyone who loves barbecue.
GlendaButler, TN