Hitschler Softi Chewy Candy

Whether you’ve tried them at carnival time, in your childhood, from the sweet shop or at a party, everyone knows and loves these classic strip chews! Softi strips are now made with real fruit juice and no colorings. The delicious fruity strips are perfect for games, rolling up or sharing – and they certainly provide lasting chewing pleasure!

Quick facts

  • Classic strip chews
  • Made with real fruit juice
  • No colorings
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Made in Germany

Top reviews

Deutsch Klub

Have not had these since HS German Club over 20 years ago. The seem a bit smaller, bat taste as good as ever!
GabrieleLocust, NC

Love these!

I used to get these from my German teacher in high school. I bought a box and they lasted me a while. Good to find these on here.
RobenaSturgis, KY

Best candies in the world

In my opinion this is the best candy ever. I dont know why I like them so much but they are awesome.
AshelyElm, PA

Childhood treat

The hitschler softy candy I revived is awesome they remind me of middle school. The Spanish teachers used to sell these and it was a hit. It brings back memories and came in a timely manner. 2 thumbs up
MaidaUnion City, IN

perfect treats for kiddos!

these are wonderful little treat-type taffy candies….perfect for kids as they are not a huge thing, but nice and quickly eaten…good tasting taffy!
RitaLa Vergne, TN

great wedding snacks

I LOVED these little candies in high school and I’ve been looking for them ever since. We wanted to have a sort of candy buffet for our wedding reception and these popped back into my head right away. They were DELICIOUS.
EarlineRoseburg, OR

Great international candy with funny name

I’ve never seen these candies in the States, but while in Dubai I won some of this candy from an arcade machine in the Mall of the Emirates. It looked funny and had an off-putting name, but after I tried it I loved it. Wish they sold it in the States, but… I understand why they would not with its name.
LynneEquality, IL