Hodgson Mill Corn Meal Yellow Plain, 5-pounds

Our Yellow Corn Meal features all the natural corn bran and germ for robust taste, superior texture and top nutritional benefit. Use it to replace up to 1/4 of all-purpose flour for cornmeal pancakes, cookies, or other baked goods.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 5-pound packages (total of 30 pound)
  • Made with whole grain
  • All-natural

Top reviews

little black particles in the corn meal

We just opened a new bag of Hodgson Mill corn meal which was purchised at Central Market and saw tiny black particles which we thought could be tiny bugs…
Is there a possibility they could be a residue from the milling process? We are going ahead and making the cornbread and hoping for the best. When we lived in the Philippines we gave up on trying to keep weavils out of foods such as flour. It was impossible, so we just ate them.
ThanhBlackwood, NJ

best cornmeal, hands down

I grew up in the Ozarks – family is from the Gainesville area where the original mill is located. Local pride aside, I can say with confidence this is the BEST cornmeal for true Southern/downhome cooking. Cornmeal coating for Ozark fried fish (crappie or bass) – 2 parts cornmeal 1 part flour plenty of Cajun or Creole seasoning (should taste it in the coating; this cornmeal makes the best cornbread and hoecakes (though I grind the cornmeal a bit finer for hoecakes); spoon bread and cornmeal mush (a more delicate form of grits – usually served w/milk and SORGHUM molasses – not blackstrap!); not to mention the consistency is PERFECT for real hushpuppies! YUMMO.
LissaAguila, AZ