Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix with Milled Flax Seed, 16-Ounce

Save on Hodgson Mill Pancake & Waffle. Wheat free doesn’t mean having to skip one of America’s favorite breakfast staples. Our Gluten Free Pancake and Waffle Mix is made without wheat, dairy or other common allergens, but is chock full of hearty whole grain sorghum and brown rice nutrition. There’s plenty of flavor and includes 450mg of heart healthy omega-3 oils. Kick start your healthy breakfast in a whole new way with this scrumptious new mix from the Hodgson Mill kitchen! Produced on dedicated equipment in an gluten free environment. (Description is informational only. Please refer to the ingredients listed on the produyct and the manufacturers website prior to use. Please discuss any health questions with your health professional prior to use.)

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healthy & versatile

This is one of the few gluten free products which is whole grain. Most others have ingredients such as potato starch and tapioca. This is truly whole grain. I use it as a pan bread. I make sweet pan breads and also savory pan breads. I add one or more ingredients each time I make it. A single item to add into the batter might be: dry lemon peel, shredded carrots, frozen green peas, caraway seeds, black pepper or whole grain mustard. Sets of items can be added to the batter: minced apples & apple pie spice, corn nibblets & parmesan, tomato paste & black pepper, raisins & cinnamon, minced veggies & celery seeds, instant coffee & cinnamon, mashed banana & ground cloves or orange bitters & cinnamon. If cooked a long time at low heat you’ll end up with a cracker. It can actually be made with just water. I add only Eggbeaters and soy milk. I’ve never added any fat. Made that way a portion made with 1/3 cup of the mix is 5 Weight Watchers PointsPlus.
LakeishaAshby, MN

experimenting as a new user

I have so far tried this mix only once, and intend to continue tweaking the recipe. So far I used almond milk rather than dairy (great) and I added extra fluid (almond milk, a little water) to thin the batter further. I made tiny trial pancakes from each adjusted (in thickness) batter. Each pancake turned out fine, so it’s just for the sake of learning what we might like more.

Here’s the best news–it’s not just for the gluten-free family member anymore. It’s already become our favorite pancake mix ever–for everyone in the house (and we are NOT a pancake-loving bunch). It reminds me of buckwheat pancakes I had years ago, but this is way better–I love the flavor and way more substantial texture. By the way, it’s not sweet, which is great, because I prefer putting the sweetness on top. I look forward to experimenting further–it seems one can’t go wrong.

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ChristinaSullivan, IN

Healthier ingredients, off taste though

I was thrilled to see that this product did not contain all of the typical starches found in most gluten free products. The primary ingredient in these is Sorghum flour. I added a bit more milk then what was called for and also added a bit of vanilla extract to the mix. The pancakes cook perfectly and are not dense at all. They are light and fluffy as you would expect in a pancake. They do not turn light brown when cooked like most pancakes, but color isn’t important to me at all.

For the negatives… the Sorghum flour tends to leave an off taste that is acceptable if you are having pancakes with just butter and maple syrup. Drinking orange juice though seems to enhance the off taste to the point where I don’t want to drink OJ with the pancakes as the juice then tastes awful with each sip. I’m not sure if its my pallet or sorghum in general, but figured I’d mention it. I’ll likely buy it again though.

SanfordLacarne, OH


I tried this as waffle mix and put it into my waffle iron and it turned out really tasty. I added coconut milk to thin it just a bit but the thicker the batter the fluffier it will be. I was surprised at how good these came out and I think the price here can’t be beat, especially at my local natural foods store who sells this stuff at a premium. Be creative and add fruits or berries and nuts and it will not only take the place of your normal waffle but it’s like splurging when you really aren’t. To make mine I added vanilla and a tsp of sugar then topped it with earth balance butter and maple syrup.
JosephGautier, MS

Finally a whole grain gluten free waffle!

Cooking gluten free, dairy and egg free but also low glycemic for two type-1 diabetics is a real challenge. This mix works without raising the blood sugar like rice flour mixes. It also works in the waffle maker with flax gel egg substitue. It took a year of searching to find it but we love it. It also handles add-ins like cinnamon or chocolate chips or grated apples. If you are only used to the white rice flour mixes, it might take some adjustment. A little extra cooking time behond when my waffle maker says its done makes it crispier.
ShawntaCaroga Lake, NY

Best Pancakes Ever

I only tried this product because a friend bought it for me. I was happily surprised to see the mix is made with whole grains and does not have any sugar or sweetener. The pancakes I made with this mix were the best ever. The taste was wonderful and texture was perfect. Even my gluten eating family loved them.
JaeWoodruff, SC

Bad reaction; this stuff tore me up after eating it.

Not, sure if there is in fact gluten in this product or not. But, my body did not react well to something in this stuff. I had a rough day following my breakfast. It cooked well; tasted good. But, my intestines did not do well with it. I have had a similar reaction to one other gluten free product. So, maybe there was an ingredient in both that my colon does not like. You might do fine with it. But, I did not.
MaryjoBenton, MS