Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten with Vitamin C, 6.5-Ounce Boxes

Turn your loaves of bread into professional quality with the Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten with Vitamin C; Impress your family and friends with bread so delicious they will think it’s store-bought! Take your baking adventures to the next level, by using Hodgson Mill’s Vital Wheat Gluten; This natural protein derived from wheat will not only improve the shape and increase the protein of your bread, but will also extend the freshness as well as make higher rising loaves. Increase the moisture and enhance the shape of your bread with Hodgson Mill’s premium quality Vital Wheat Gluten that is also Non-GMO and Kosher. Look to Hodgson Mill for trusted quality products that you, your family, and friends will enjoy. Hodgson Mill is a family owned company that has been producing high quality baking and meal products with pride for over 125 years, and is committed to using sustainable milling practices. Hodgson Mill only uses only premium grains to produce tasty and better for you flours, mixes, cereals, pastas and sides, all quality-made in the USA. Refrigerate after opening

Quick facts

  • Turn your loaves of bread into professional quality with the Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten with Vitamin C; Impress your family and friends with bread so delicious they will think it’s store-bought!
  • Hodgson Mill’s Vital Wheat Gluten is a natural protein derived from wheat will improve the shape and increase the protein of your bread; it will also extend the freshness as well as make higher rising loaves.
  • Increase the moisture and enhance the shape of your bread with Hodgson Mill’s premium quality Vital Wheat Gluten that is also Non-GMO and Kosher.
  • Hodgson Mill is a family owned company that has been producing high quality baking and meal products with pride for over 125 years, and is committed to using sustainable milling practices.
  • Whether you’re a serious or casual home baker, don’t compromise and always choose Hodgson Mill’s fresh made, high quality grain products that are milled in the USA.

Top reviews

What! a 40% price jump!?

I am a regular/returned shopper for this item. I like the product,but was totally surprised and disappointed at the ridiculous price jump. It completely turns me off.
NikoleEdwards, IL

Please amazon, NEVER STOP SELLING WHEAT GLUTEN! Wheat meat rocks!

I am soooo glad they have amazon in the age of gluten free mania. People who dont even have celiac disease are avoiding gluten and making this awesome meat substitute ingredient scarce! THANKS amazon! I made some wheat meat with this mix and it was great! Why spend tons of cash on gimme lean when you can make it at home? The answer is NO REASON! If anyone is curious look up wheat meat online, you can boil gluten and then you have a quality meat substitute! SOOOO cool. I am not always a vegetarian, but it IS healthier- I am about 90% veg these days and gluten has saved the day. It is healthier for my body and the environment- and thanks to amazon I can make wheat meat! yay! PLEASE dont stop selling this! These boxes are just right, they are an affordable starter pack for making your own wheat meat. You can add about a cup of water and your own seasonings per package and you knead it into a very very dense ball.It is great when it is really dense. You can twist it and make it into more of an oval. Boil for approx 2 hours, cool. Once it sets you can get an idea of what you are working with, it is a lot like many other meat substitutes. So cool. (UPDATE: I tried adding TVP, dont do it! Hah ha… Herbs are one thing, but your TVP will fall out, its a mess. Unless you want it to -which it is actually kinda cool because it makes the wheat meat hold sauces easilly… If that is what you want, little holes from falen TVP -go right ahead. Its a cooking tactic I suppose!)—-I am so excited! Try adding marinades in the place of water. However much you use it should be dense (very) yet still pliable. After a test run on the first box you will be able to see how you would like your own texture. It does take about 1.5 to 2 hours to cook, so batch cooking is a must. After it is completely cooked you can refrigerate and it seems even better after it has been cold. It browns very fast after it has been refrigerated. Re-cooking in various forms is so fun! Stir frys, anything. Buying more gluten, may end up with this brand again because it is so afforadable.
LoriTarpon Springs, FL

For Better Bread

This adds wheat protein which helps your bread rise. I started putting this in all my yeast breads and the results were fantastic.

If you make whole wheat bread in a Bread Machine this stuff is a must.

If you use cheap (low protein) flour this stuff is a must.

A little goes a long way.

You don’t have to be exact.

Once you open the box it needs to be refrigerated to keep it fresh but it’s best used at room temperature. (Although I used it cold and I got decent results.)

I not going to buy this thru Amazon ’cause I can’t use 8 packs of wheat gluten. You have to look for this in flour section of your supermarket or in a health food store. Unfortunately, It is not carried everywhere.

ThaliaPitkin, CO

Good experience

My first shipment didn’t come because of a problem with UPS. However, when I called Amazon, they shipped it out again – NEXT DAY DELIVERY – even though it wasn’t their fault that my first shipment didn’t get here. Thank you, Amazon, for turning my problem into a good experience.
The product was just what I expected – what can you say – it’s gluten!
WillieShelby, OH

I can’t get it up without it!

As with most bread machines particularly mine, whether it’s a mix or from scratch, most recipes need some tweaking. I found it necessary to add some of this vital wheat gluten to most recipes to get my bread to get up and stay up.
KarinaWater Valley, TX

Vital Wheat Gluten’s Versatility

Although I originally started using vital wheat gluten many years ago as a bread enhancer, now I use it most frequently to make vegan meats such as sausages and veggie meatballs (but it is still a staple ingredient in my bread making). The subscription program through Amazon makes a great product much more affordable than buying it at the local chain grocer or health food store. Hodgson Mill is a quality brand, and I just hope it is always available this way through Amazon!
MackenziePukalani, HI

Mmm, Fresh Bread

The delivery was prompt and I was as prompt to make a loaf of Wheat Bread. I spent 10 minutes putting the ingredients together, hit the start button and Wha Lah, hot fresh delicious bread ! What could be fresher and easier ? !
RoseleeWest Haverstraw, NY

Goooood stuff

All of your yeast breads will be improved by using gluten. I add two teaspoons for a one pound loaf. Even if you use bread flour add the gluten. I keep mine in the freezer because it will go rancid. But it seems to stay good in freezer — never had any go bad since I’ve been freezing it. Caution: if you spill some in the sink or wipe up with a wet rag you have a huge sticky mess. Try not to spill it.
CrystaActon, MT

It was great until…

I bought this to add to bread and to make seitan with. It worked well for the bread, but my seitan just never seemed right. It would still be lumpy and tough after kneading and never lived up to my expectations. I figured I was kneading or cooking it wrong. Once I used up all 8 boxes of Hodgson Mills, I ordered Bob’s Redmill brand. Woah! Now my seitan comes out exactly like it is supposed to, and my whole wheat breads come out softer and more flexible than before. I don’t know if my case was defective or what, but I would not buy this brand again.
GitaEscondido, CA

A must-have for serious bread bakers

Add from one to four tablespoons of gluten to a bread recipe to make it reach new heights, especially for whole grains or for rye or other low-gluten flours. Hodgson Mill is a producer of quality ingredients for reasonable prices, and the package size is practical for most home bakers. I emptied one package into an airtight container for current use and put the other boxes in the freezer to maintain freshness, but that was probably more cautious than necessary. It will keep for quite some time on the pantry shelf.
BarrieFront Royal, VA

Very Good for Making Seitan or as a Bread Mix Additive

I bought this wheat gluten primarily to make seitan with, and I’ve had excellent results in the batch that I made. I flavored the gluten mix with various spices, simmered it in a ginger/soy sauce broth and sliced it into smaller pieces. The seitan came out great — both when I pan-fried it or even just used it “raw” in a vegetable stir-fry. I’ve also used this gluten as an additive to my flour mix for bread-making, and it definitely results in a better loaf when added to the flour mix. So, all-in-all, this is good stuff. If it was organic, it would be the icing on the cake.
CleliaPenobscot, ME

Family declared the batch I made with this “the best loaf ever made”

I’ve been playing with bread recipes for about a year now, both by hand and in our bread maker. After really getting in to studying the science behind a good loaf, I began buying wheat gluten. Even if a recipe doesn’t call for it I add a small amount (amount is listed on box of what to add to a loaf so it’s failproof).

The real test was when I added this to a sour cream bread I’ve been making for ages in our bread maker and everyone declared it “the best bread recipe” I’d made…but it was my old recipe.

It really does make it more like the gourmet loaves you might scarf down at a favorite restaurant or like those made with fresh yeast when you are just using the dry yeast packets. It rises better, and the texture is better and I swear the taste is better in our opinion.

I can’t get wheat gluten at my regular grocery store and it was far more costly at specialty groceries around here…it lasts so I just got the box of it here, with no tax it was a better deal for me. I mean, you get a pack of 8 boxes. Cheap.

Negatives: I’d love to be able to order less at the same discount but I took the bags out of the boxes and they take up very little space in my cabinet. I have no negatives on how it works: I don’t make a loaf without it anymore.

RosieLahoma, OK

Great value!

I am using the HEALTHY BREAD IN 5 MINUTES A DAY cookbook and all recipes use vital wheat gluten. One box of this in the supermarket is double the price of one of these; so eight boxes for $10 and change is the only way to go. The expiration date on all boxes is 1 1/2 years (from today’s date), so it will last a long time. I called Hodgson Mills and they said to prolong the life even longer, it can be frozen. If you bake bread using whole grain flours, this is definitely a great savings!
MadelineLe Roy, KS

You Don’t Need to Buy Bread Flour

For three years I’ve been baking whole wheat sourdough bread and I add this to the flour. It beefs up the gluten a bit and gives the bread great crumb and texture. Adding gluten powder to the dough and baking in a steamy oven makes my bread look and taste like a professional made it.

If you’re looking for little ways to cut your salt intake, know that you can reduce the salt in your recipe without fear of the gluten strands collapsing.

Altogether I’ve baked breads for over 20 years. I don’t know how I did it without this stuff. And you don’t have to buy bread flour. Adding gluten powder to all-purpose flour basically turns it into bread flour, and this little box takes up a lot less space than yet another bag of flour.

Hodgson Mill always has fine quality in this product. If you want to bake yeast breads, buy this!

EloySan Juan Capistrano, CA

Fantastic Price!

This product goes for about $3.99 a box in my local grocery store. I use Wheat Gluten to make seitan (a wheat-meat substitute). Purchasing it in bulk for the cost of 2-3 boxes really helps save me a ton of $. Plus, it makes some yummy seitan too 🙂
ChrisAdair, IA

Great Bargain for Bakers and Vegetarians

My family and I enjoy making seitan to eat with our vegetarian meals, and this is by far the best deal we’ve found around. When buying this item through Amazon using their grocery subscription service, the price per pound of wheat gluten can’t be beat. The deal is even sweater considering that Hodgson Mill brand is a great quality product.
WynellSabina, OH

Improve Your Bread

Why Wheat Gluten? It’s a cost saver when I make breads. Gluten is removed in the manufacture of general purpose flour. The main difference in “bread flour” at the store is that gluten has not been removed or it’s been added back in.
Adding your own gluten to bread recipes is a more cost effective way of improving the texture of bread than buying the expensive “bread flour.”
Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten works well and is moderately priced.
CicelyDexter, MO

Improves Bread Texture

If you make bread at home, you’ve noticed that some loaves don’t hold their shape very well. Vital Wheat Gluten solves that problem. Use one teaspoon per cup of all purpose flour, and your bread will hold its shape better during rising and baking. No other changes to the recipe are required. This product does not alter the flavor of the bread in any way. I make bread every day, and am much happier with my results wince I’ve begun using gluten powder in it.
YuWarrensburg, IL

Baking bread just got easier

I wish I would find out about this product earlier. Bread I make raises perfectly every time, which was not the case without it.
Despite the “chemical” name it is just a flour with the starch removed in case you are concerned.
MaximoHavaco, WV

It’s great

It works well with whole-wheat flour and any kind of all-purpose baking flour if you love home-made bread. It enables the bread to reach its fullness and the taste won’t change because of the gluten. Suggest to use a bit more gluten to the flour when you make the dough. The ratio I use is: 1/2 cup of gluten per 3-cup of all-purpose or whole-wheat flour. An increasement of 1/8 cup of water to the dry ingredients is recommended.
BudKenova, WV

Wheat Gluten

Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten with Vitamin C, 6.5-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 8)

Nicely packaged for ease of use. Great for baking homemade wheat bread. Hard to find in stores in our area, this was just the right size for our baking project.

KathaleenEllisburg, NY

Great versatility!

Not only do I use this for baking better breads, but it’s so convenient for making seitan (wheat meat). Each box contains 3 cups of wheat gluten, which is perfect for making two regular batches (or one double batch) of seitan.

As my family transitions from a vegetarian to a vegan diet, it’s great to discover all sorts of new, yummy foods. Now I don’t have to buy that expensive White Wave stuff anymore…I can make my own cheaper and better!

(If you’re buying this for baking only, and wondering what to do with it all when you’re only using it a couple tablespoons at a time, then homemade seitan is your answer. It’s not just for vegetarians only. There’s a super-easy recipe in the Veganomicon cookbook that’s perfect for seitan first-timers.)

SusannFulton, KY

It Helps Bread Rise

I was just given a new bread Machine and was making all sorts of bread. I seen this in
receipes, so I bought some. Great packaging and price. I have used it in my whole wheat
bread and came out great.
LeontineScandia, KS

Great Stuff!

I love this gluten. I’ve used other, more expensive gluten & this is just as good, if not better.

I use it all the time in my baking. I love it. Connie

ArchieEmmaus, PA

Great value, good product….

After pricing wheat gluten at my local grocery store, I ordered from amazon since I could get three times the gluten for the same price. I’ve been pleased with the product, but I don’t know that I’ll ever get through all of the boxes before they expire, I wished amazon offered a smaller quantity. Still an excellent value though.
CarrolHighland, NY

Great Low carb bread

I use Vital Wheat Gluten to make low carb bread in my bread machine. This is the best buy I’ve found and the flour is great.
The store-bought low carb bread I’ve tried is too airy or something, not a satisfying bread.

I also recently discovered that the BRAND of yest I use makes a big difference. RED STAR for Bread MAchines works

Fleischmanns doesn’t

I think I used Saf for awhile but cannot remember if that worked well or not

FredrickPrinceton, TX

great for bread and bread machines

bread flour is hard to find in my local stores and when i do find it, its usually almost double. this makes regular flour bread flour. if you want light fluffy bread use self riseing flour and this and when you eat its like eating air.
BlairBradenton, FL

Fabulous Hodgson Mill Vital Wheat Gluten

I make bread every week using my bread machine. I use white flour, white whole wheat flour and whole wheat flour in my breads. My formula for turning plain flour into bread flour is simply to add 1 teaspoon of Hodgson Mill Vital Gluten to 1 cup of flour and the results are perfect every time. I learned this technique from an Interent How-to-Do feature and I have never changed the gluten/flour ratio because of the continued wonderful results.
This is a great product that I would not be without, if I want to continue having perfect bread. Thank you Hodgson Mill.

Theresa Lamberti
Houston, TX

CamilaGoodland, FL

Great and essential for bread making

If I don’t use this, my bread doesn’t turn out and doesn’t hold together well at all. This is a must for any yeast bread I make, especially whole wheat and one box lasts a long time. I use one teaspoon per cup of flour used in a loaf.
WarnerHurlock, MD

This Wheat Gluten makes the difference!

I am so glad that I did my research when I started baking my homemade artisan loaves. Wheat gluten makes a big difference in the texture and rising of the dough! Great product. I bought the six-box pack and I am storing the extras in the freezer. Thanks again!
DaphineCroton On Hudson, NY