Holistic Select Canned Cat Food

Holistic Select Canned Chicken and Lamb Recipe provides two high quality protein sources with added vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables. When considering a diet for cats, one must be aware that the most common medical reason pet parents take their cats to the veterinarian is for urinary tract issues. Holistic Select Chicken and Lamb Recipe is designed to encourage healthy acidic urine and contain lower levels of magnesium, which is a contributing cause of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). Yucca Schidigera Extract to reduce urine and fecal odor. Use as a mixer or as a complete diet and a great way to add water to a cat’s diet. No Wheat, Soy, Corn, Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors. Size: 5.5-Ounce can.

Quick facts

  • Provides two high quality protein sources with added vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables
  • Low ash, low magnesium, correct pH for urinary tract health
  • For cats and kittens

Top reviews

Cans damaged

While the shipment was quick…more than half of the cans in the shipment were dented. One cat liked it after introducing several times… the other did not like it.
MerleneHinton, WV

Not great consistency

Desperation led me to try this food although I wasn’t crazy about the brewers dried yeast or potatoes. I needed to try something without fish in it for my kitties when 2 of my 3 cats started to get flaky skin from food that did contain fish. I found it quite a challenge to find a good food that doesn’t include some type of seafood. As this one did not, I reluctantly decided to give it a try. All 3 cats seemed to enjoy it, but I will not be buying it again. Even though the moisture is only the usual 78%, it is so mushy and just awful to work with. My girls didn’t seem to mind, but between the consistency, yeast and potatoes this just doesn’t cut it for my cats. I’ll have to be satisfied with fewer foods in their rotation.
TommyDuncannon, PA

Donate this to The Cat House on the Kings Sanctuary

I ordered several cases of this as a donation to The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California…a non-profit, donation run, no-kill, no cage cat and dog sanctuary that was recently featured on Nat Geo Wild. It’s not cheap but I admire them for choosing the best quality cat food for their 700+ cats.
IsabelleSouth Tamworth, NH

wonderful product

I have 3 cats. I bought this after I almost lost my male cat, Gary. My cats love it!!!!!!!!! They eat this so fast! I put it out for Gary and my two females cirlce around waiting for him to finish! I don’t have the heart to tell the females this is Gary’s special food! I let them all eat it. The females do what aI call “speed eating” they love it so much. Gary likes it best when I mix a little water in it and make it softer!
JacqulineEngadine, MI

My cats LOVED it

I had to put my cat on a strict diet because he was having problems with bowel disease. I switched from meow mix to this and my cats devoured it! Although, they did not like the (Holistic Select Duck and Chicken Canned Cat Food ), they just nibbled that one and walked away. After switching foods my cats symptoms started clearing up. I highly recommend this food and I’m sure your cats will love the taste!
ThomasFoley, MN

All three of my cat’s rate it a BIG 10! 10! 10!

Simon, about 7 years old has some kind of adversity to most foods and throws up shortly after eating canned or dry cat food and nearly died from, can you believe, bronchitis? …2 years ago. We have gone through many foods, dry and canned until I found Holistic Select canned cat food(He gets the Salmon or Ocean Fish). He loves it…and does NOT throw it up!!! …even tho he only gets about 2-3 teaspoons morning and night and not a lot of dry, 2 x’s day. He somehow still manages to weigh 14 pounds.

Bella, a mostly gray with white chest and paws, about 10 years old would most likely fit within the widest part of a 16 oz soda bottle, in other words she is soooo skinny …and might I mention FINICKY! Her biggest nick name is Princess. She “cautiously” walks up to a new food I put down, sniff’s it and IF she likes it, adjusts her sitting position, sometimes moving to a different angle before she slowwwly starts nibbling. She USUALLY does NOT like them and has this look on her face that says “You’ve GOT to be kidding me if you think I will EAAAAT THAAAAT!!!!! EWWWWWW!!!”. She stands back up, shakes her paw and glances at me as she runs/hops off like a deer into the woods. Bella IS the reason I tried the Holistic Select. When I put the HS down for her, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She QUITE eagerly, without hesitation or any adjustment to her seating spot or angle dove in as if she had not eaten in a week or more. She will only eat the Salmon or Ocean Fish. I have tried the Duck and the turkey and “no way!” I would so like for her to gain at least one pound! I think she still weighs about SIX pounds and eats as much as a fly. To make sure she is the only one eating her food, I bought her a bird cage “dining room”. She is the only one of the three cats that fits thru the entrance.

Then there’s Bob, a brown tabby! What about Bob is what we always say. Bob doesn’t run from much and eats more than he runs from. The least picky, doesn’t throw up and is, like Simon about 7 years old. They’re best buds, btw. (Bob also nearly died about 2 years ago from liver disease.) Usually, Bob quietly hangs out by his bowl near the stove, tripping us or getting stepped on. Knowing he is going to get HS, he has frequently becomes quite vocal in anticipation of his “Happy” meal.

I, THE cats so recommend trying Holistic Select. Petco, when they kept it ON their shelves, sold it for $2.49 a can(even if you buy a case of it!). They said they did not sell enough for them to stock it and encouraged me to order it thru their website. I always have to “shop around” and found it on Amazon for $1.90 a can. I’m IN and Petco is losing OUT! (Initially, I would encourage buying a can, if you can find it at petco to see if your cat will eat it. They will order some for you but u have to check back <they don’t call you when it arrives!>, they just put it on the shelf and it disappears FAST). Once you know it’s good to go, order online. If you do the Prime shipping thing on Amazon, most everything you buy is shipped free.

Merry Christmas!

JustinKeno, OR

Lick Smacking

My cats really love Holistic Select canned food. I have tried other quality brands and often they choose not to eat them for whatever reason. I have not had that happen with Holistic Select. I read the ingredients and was pleased – which always determines my purchases.
HaroldMassena, IA

Excellent cat food!!!

We have an 18 year old cat and he had actually lost weight and didn’t look too good. At the time we were feeding him his usual excellent quality dry kibble. However, when I added this canned food to his diet ( he gets a small amount 3 times a day along with his dry food) his health changed dramatically. He added some weight and he looks so much better. Holistic Select pet foods are top quality.
ZachariahEnid, OK

Food Disappeared Immediately! Cats Loved It

My Vet recommended feeding some wet food everyday to my cats instead of only dry food to help prevent kidney problems in later life. Two other cats developed kidney problems later in life and needed additional fluids everyday. I have tried a variety of cat foods, but this is their all time favorite. I like it because it is a Holistic Blend of great ingredients that the cats love. It has a soft, blended, wet consistency. I still give them Halo Dry food, a small amount each day. Everyone who visits mentions how healthy their fur looks.
ShebaSeguin, TX

Cat likes this

The place I adopted my cat from included a case of the Holistic Select wet food, and that’s all he’s been eating since I’ve had him — for the last three years. He’s been doing great with the Duck/Chicken, and he likes all of the flavors, which I rotate, with no ill effects. I would recommend this brand to anyone that wants to give their cat really nutritious food — I refuse to feed my cats the commercial brands due to their questionable content.
KaranRoseland, VA

Cat loves it

My cat, Sterling, is a rather picky chap and, after trying what I thought were every affordable and healthy canned cat food in my area, I finally stumbled upon this one. My cat loves every flavor but turkey, though I doubt it’s the brand, he just doesn’t like turkey. Anyway, my usual pet store is sadly taking these off the shelves, so I supose I’ll be buying it here. This food is well rounded and (according to my cat) delicious. He is a discerning fellow, after all.
ZoeRialto, CA

My Cats Love Holistic Select

My cats really love Holistic Select canned food. I have tried other quality brands and often they choose not to eat them for whatever reason. I have not had that happen with Holistic Select. I read the ingredients and was pleased – which always determines my purchases.
MerryRoseburg, OR