Home & Away Coffee Set

Bring the exquisite flavors of Starbuck’s into your home or take it on the road whereever you may travel. Our Home & Away Starbuck’s set includes a Starbucks Branded Travel Mug for the road along with a Starbucks Branded Ceramic Mug for relaxing at home and we have also included Starbuck’s Premium House Blend Ground Coffee

Quick facts

  • Starbucks House Blend Coffee is a wonderful, straightforward blend of Latin American coffees. The bright flavor is tempered with a round smoothness and ends with a clean finish.
  • Perfect for that special someone in your life
  • Ceramic Mug is dishwasher safe
  • Makes a great Holiday/Christmas gift

Top reviews

$44 ?!

They had this set in walmart during christmas for less than half this price! i would never pay that much for two mugs and a small thing of coffee!
HalinaGooding, ID

Promotes the coffee craving

I treated myself to a coffee percolater and browsing amazon for some coffee to go with it, came across this set which looked like a good idea, a nice starbucks mug for when I am at home and a travel mug to take my lovely coffee to work with me.
The mug is a regular sized mug from starbucks.

The travel mug is fantastic, I actually use it at home as well as to work. The outer white part is a plastic-y material, you can feel the heat of your drink but not uncomfortably so, the inside stainless steel. The top is the same rubbery plastic that most travel mugs use, and is structured so that the liquid pours out, no risk of burning your lip on the lid either by the escaping steam or your drink, tho depending on how hot your drink is you can still burn your mouth. The mug is not perfect, if you tip it over, the drink will spill, if you shake it, drop it, turn it upside down, the drink will spill. But what is fantastic about it is that with the lid on – your drink stays hot for a *long* time! (havent tried a cold drink yet). Made some tea in this mug about 11:30ish, by 13:10 tho cooler you could still feel some heat in the drink.

The ground coffee is a 70g sample of Startbucks Café Estima Blend, which supposed to be a smooth Roasty flavour and a bold taste. I used my little desktop (drip) coffee maker. I used the same as with my other coffees one and half heaped teaspoons of the grounds. The first cupful was strong, so much so that I had a bitter burnt aftertaste which a lot of people mentioned on other reviews of starbucks ground coffees. I ran a second batch of water thro the same grounds which was a bit better – not so much bitterness.
Now I dont give up too easily, so what I did was put both batches of coffee into my travel mug and another of just hot water a little coffee mate and some brown sugar (travel mug easily took all this – did I mention its a fantastic mug??), Result? A nice mug of coffee, not perfect but still enjoyable.

Overall I would recommend this set, but warn the user of the grounds, a little trial and error will get you there, tho I think the coffee mate helped masked the ‘burnt’ taste so that it became a ‘roasted’ flavor as advertised on the box, so not sure how drinkers of coffees ‘strong and black’ will fare.


EliciaAncram, NY


Product was delivered on time and was just as ordered. My sister really liked the mugs. I will do business with them again in the future.
CarinJewell Ridge, VA