Home Brew Ohio K7-0SHH-5IIE Premium Fine Mesh Food Grade Nut Milk Bag for Almond Milk/Soy Milk, 12″ x 12″

High-quality nut Milk and sprouting bags. Each bag is handmade and quality tested to ensure that you receive the finest product.These bags are ideal for any number of straining or sprouting uses. Fine mesh Material minimizes sediment and allows for sprouting of even the Smallest of seeds and grains, while bias cut, surge sewn construction ensures durability. Size 12″ x 12″.

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Nothing NEW & IMPROVED about it

I recently purchased a nut milk bag for $11.95. It was advertsed as “NEW & IMPROVED”. Now I’m a seamstress and what I received was about <$1.00 in materials and didn’t look like much of anything, I might add. Don’t know how you can justify charging $12 for the thing. Furthermore, I couldn’t figure out what was new and improved about it–it wasn’t even tapered at the bottom or have a friction clasp on it. I would have seamed the sides and not the bottom where the milk comes out. Just found a slightly larger one online for $7.75. That’s like a 120% markup. Granted it’s only a $12 item + shipping and I’m sure it works fine, but I can go to Home Depot and get paint strainig bags for a lot less that work just as well.
CandraMelba, ID

Nut Milk Bag Review

I purchased this as a way to save money and make juice at home while buying gift cards to save up and get the Breville Juice Fountain Elite. I thought perhaps I could slice up and blend fresh fruits and vegetables with a little water added, and strain the pulp out through this rather expensive bag (a paint straining bag would have done the same thing, been much cheaper, and wouldn’t have cost anything to ship down at my local Home Depot or Lowes…). When squeezed, the juice yield is quite low. I was disappointed in this new thing I decided to try, but it is not the fault of the seller. The seller provided a fast and smooth transaction, and it was advertised as a “Nut Milk” bag, so maybe the pulp of fruits and vegetables were too much for it to handle.
SparkleRockwood, MI

tiny bag- still sitting unused!

surprised on how small it is and how much work to clean it! Its still sitting unused! A waste of money!
LymanWest Poland, ME

nut bag

I have not used it yet. It arrived promptly as advertised and looks well made and fit for purpose. what can you really say about a nut milk bag. more will follow im sure on this earth shaking topic.
DesmondEast Olympia, WA


My recipe just said use cheese cloth – no way! This bag was a life-saver. Will never do without one again! Thanks for a great product.
DarylWallingford, KY

Makes life easier

I used to use a flour sac cloth and a strainer for my almond milk. This works much better making less mess.
Get on board the fight for unpasteurized almonds!! 🙂
SamiraCampo, CO

Size does matter

This bag was not as large as I had hoped but seems to be of good quality.
KayleenSouth Acworth, NH

Works perfectly

I like this product as it is my first real nut milk bag. I was using a similar product but not made for this purpose, and nuts were staying stuck in the material. Now with my new nut milk bag, it works well and cleaning is so quick. I love it.
MohamedEdgar, WI

Great Product

For a raw foodist (or anyone wanting to make juices or nut milks without a juicer)this is a must have. Great for making a smooth silky nut milk without all the fiber from the pulverized nut. Highly recommend!
ClaudieHopland, CA

haven’t tried yet

in response to the son not liking the milk, i recently had a delicious almond chai milk made at a new raw restaurant in seattle, called "thrive." in addition to the almond milk, it’s the spice "garam masala" and a touch of agave. so delicious… 🙂
KittyOakland, TN

I already reviewed this

I am quite happy with the bag but wish it had come with instructions for use instead of just promotional materials.
RenaBayamon, PR

I still cannot find the utters…

This is supposed to be a nut milk bag and it is. That said, it is on the smallish side and if you have big nuts to milk it won’t be large enough to accommodate the load. Too bad the seller didn’t bother to tell you the volume is around a quart and not more.
KarlSouth Woodstock, CT

Cheap nylon junk

This is actually the second review I’ve written on an Amazon purchase- but my disappointment in this product motivated me. The quality of this fabric is best likened to a cheap nylon dress- far from something I would like to strain a raw food product through.

I have a better idea- reusable mesh produce bags- bought at Whole Foods- will update after my experiment (fingers crossed.) 😉

EmanuelGilbert, MN

So much better than using cheesecloth or a sieve.

I’ve been making nut milks for several years, but have avoided buying a nut milk bag since you have to go on-line and shipping can cost more than the actual product. So instead, I was using cheesecloth, sieves, and whatever I could improvise.

Finally, I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased a real nut milk bag. Wow, I’m glad I did, since it makes the process so much simpler, less wasteful, and easy-to-clean.

PhyliciaArcadia, WI

Nut Milk Bag

I ordered this nut milk bag over the weekend and got it Monday. The fastest i’ve ever gotten an order from Amazon. I used it today for juicing and I can say i’m satisfied with it.
ArielleVista, MO

Just what I was looking for!

Who needs soy, or god forbid, dairy milk teeming with hormones? I’ve been using this nut-milk bag to make delicious almond milk for at least two weeks now, and my taste buds and body LOVE me for it! If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?
OscarAlbany, OH

Nut Milk Bag – Used to juice veggie’s

Product came on time and it works great! I bought it because I am using it and a blender to juice veggies and fruits. I wish it came in black because the green veggies and orange carrots stain the bag but functionally works perfect so I can’t complain.
OdellKeller, WA


VERY PERSONALIZED SHIPMENT. Like their hand written letter and the good wishes to my family.
Bag looks nice, have not used yet. WIll rate when I actually use and add the 5th star
if all is well 🙂
KristopherWallingford, IA

I like this Nut Milk Bag (purchased from Amazon.com)

This is my first nut milk bag and it works well for me. I usually use a cheese cloth for straining my Almond milk and it was a little more work. I had to be careful the cheese cloth did not slip and create a mess. When I make almond milk, I use a large strainer first, then I use the milk bag to get a smooth, silky almond milk. If you initially pour the almond milk directly from the blender into the milk bag, you would need to squeeze the bag to get your milk. When you squeeze the bag with a large amount of the pulverized almond, the bag could come apart at the seam. If you don’t have a strainer, pour small amounts at a time into the milk bag and squeeze to get all the milk. If you are making your own nut milk, it’s best to get a large strainer, it’s inexpensive. After blending the almond, pour it through the strainer and then through the milk bag. You will get smooth milk with no gritty taste and your nut bag will last longer.
FletaRule, TX

I can’t believe I ever made soy milk without this bag!

After using cheesecloth AND a small mesh strainer to make soy milk I can’t believe there was something like this out there all along. I went from having to strain the milk 4 times to only once. It cut the time required to make soy milk in half and less dishes required for all of the pouring back and forth. It fits perfectly on the old thermos (the plastic kind for taking water or other cold liquids not the coffee type) that is about 5-6″ across and is exactly the same height. If I were using a large bowl to make the milk I would probably get the gallon bag but this one fits perfect on the top of a pitcher or thermos. The clean-up was much easier than cleaning cheesecloth as well. Nothing stuck in the bag like it does in the cheesecloth so I just dropped the mess into a bowl, rinsed the inside of the bag and hung it up on my kitchen towel hook. I would recommend this product to anyone.

ps: It would be a great bag for rinsing sprouts as well.

RosanaLittlefork, MN

Nut Milk Bag vs Paint Strainer Bag

I bought a couple strainer bags at Home Depot for about 2.50. I used one bag for maybe 5 times and it was obvious that it was loosing integrity every time I used it. I don’t think I could have got 5 more uses out of it. It did work fine… though I think that the pulp was starting to stick to the bag a little. I would NOT recommend buying paint strainer bags.

This nut milk bag works great. I have used it to make almond milk about 20-25 times now. I can see it easily lasting quite awhile….at least a year. Though I will update my review as time passes. It is easy to clean and the mylk goes through well. I think it is well made. For the convenience of buying this and having it last a long time and not making one myself, I think this bag is definitely worth the investment. The only thing I think the maker should change is the drawstring. It is made out of a slippery type rope and when you tie it, it does not knot tight and stay knotted. So I have to re knot it many times. Also, the rope is starting to fray at the ends. Even so, I am still giving 5 stars for this product.

Advise….buy this nut milk bag and not the paint strainer bag

IldaLynnville, IA

Not So Great

I bought this item April 16th, and have been using about once every week and a half, and last night the bottom seam busted, squirting pecan milk all over me, and my kitchen, and dumping the pulp right back into my strained milk. 🙁
BentonHartshorn, MO

Great product

I don’t know how I went a whole year without this product. I had been using cheesecloth and a mesh strainer to make cashew milk. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it filters out so much of the nut pulp, that the milk ends up being less creamy than I’m used to.
IdaPayne, OH

Bad company

I bought 3 of there nut milk bags and and the seems all tore after one use, they sent out 2 replacements (when i bought 3) and they did the same thing. Bad customer service.
They do not support there products.
EmmieWeldona, CO

Very good product

I am new to making nut milk. It was very easy and quick the bag is easy to clean and works great.
TomokoCorinth, ME

Received July 21st, 2011 – broke Sept 30th. 2011!

I was really liking this nut bag. I used it about 10 times, but the other day i was making some brazil nut milk and i saw some pulp in the bowl and realized that one of the seams had busted.

So, it lasted about 2 months.

Maybe get something sturdier than this if you want it to last longer than 2 months. Now i have the hassle of getting another one shipped. Sigh.

CletaPiper City, IL

Fantastic Liquid Filtering

The strong, fine mesh of these bags allows for a very nice filtered liquid. I use them mainly for nut milks and save the pulp to add to other raw vegetable pulp and dehydrate into dog biscuits. Bags can be used to filter no-pulp citrus juices, or any juice for that matter. If your juicer leaves a tad bit too much sediment in the liquid, put the juice through a nut milk bag.
EliseLebanon, NE

This is an amazing nut milk bag!

This is a Nut Milk Bag by The Raw Food World sold by RawReform–sorry, coudn’t do the product link on this one. Holds a large quantity. Easy to use and easy to clean! Very close mesh material. I first saw this bag in the “Spunky Coconut Cookbook”The Spunky Coconut Cookbook: Gluten Free, Casein Free, Sugar Freeand I love it! I have used storebought nut/coconut/alternative milks over the years because I didn’t want to mess with making my own. This bag makes it easy and economical to do it yourself! The nice thing is you know exactly what’s going into your beverages because you are putting it there! Try it yourself! You won’t look back! Also this looks good too:Nut Milk, Juicing and Sprout Bag – Amazing Nutmilk BagAmazing Nut-Milk Bag from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Planet
ParkerPleasantville, NJ

Great service, good product

The service was fabulous — here very quickly. The Nut Milk Bag is okay. It works fine. I like some of the ones I have bought before better. Probably just a preference of material. This was a little to “slippery” for me.
DrewMoriches, NY

Good product

This does exactly what it’s made for. I grind up almonds and water to get almond milk and strain it through the bag. The liquid comes through with no debris what so ever. And then you can keep the grounds and dry them. Turn the bag inside out and it cleans right up no problem. Also got a coupon for other items the seller makes and some free samples. Definitely worth the 12 bucks.
DiegoBiggs, CA