Hometown Favorites 1940’s Nostalgic Candy Gift Box, Retro 40’s Candy

Our 1940’s Decade Candy Gift is a hand-picked collection of sweet memories with the nostalgic candies you remember from your childhood. Once you receive this delicious decade gift it’ll be hard to stop talking about it. This candy gift is a perfect and unique birthday gift or anniversary gift, and is a great alternative to gift baskets. Includes a complimentary “Back in the 1940’s” insert with many snippets that are sure to bring smiles and evoke memories of years past. The 1940’s candy gift includes Beechies Peppermint Gum, Black Crows, Licorice Gum Drops, Black Licorice Pipe, Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Boston Baked Beans, Boyer Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups, C Howard Violet Mints, Candy Stix Cigarettes, Chiclets Gum, Chocolate Cigarettes, Chuckles Jelly Candy, Giant Tootsie Roll, Goetze Caramel Cream, Gold Mine Bubble Gum, Necco Candy Buttons, Neopolitan Coconut Bar, Retro Peanut Chews, Pearson’s Bun Bar Maple, Primrose Black Taffy, Sen Sen, Smith Brothers Black Licorice, Sugar Daddy Jr., Wack-O-Wax Lips Chewing Gum, Whirly Pop Lollipop. About Hometown Favorites: Since 1996, Hometown Favorites is the online destination for old fashioned candy and nostalgic candies and unique food gifts. We carry a large assortment of retro candy from the 1940’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. Thousands of our customers have enjoyed our hand-picked candy gift baskets filled with hard-to-find retro candies you can’t find anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if you are a Baby Boomer, or from Generation X, Y, or Z, our nostalgic gifts prove that some things really were better when you were a kid.

Quick facts

  • Handpicked collection of candies from the 1940’s with a “Back in the 1940’s” insert
  • Contains over three pounds of candy from the 1940’s
  • Over 30 pieces of hard-to-find treats
  • Gift box features full-sized versions of the original candies
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

False Advertising!

I was born and grew up in Indianolia, Iowa, which during my youth was a small town just south of Des Moines (its a lot bigger now!). I have always been a hometown boy! I love my hometown. I have VERY fond memories of my hometown. I would do anything for my hometown. Imagine my joy when I came across the listing for “Hometown Favorites” candy! How fantastic, an entire box of candy made in my hometown of Indianolia, Iowa! I figured this would be the greatest box of candy I ever bought, one that would combine my moderate love of sweets and my gigantic love of my hometown.

I anticipated the arrival of my candy for several days; each day bring me closer and closer to the edge of expectation overload. Finally, the candy arrived and I busted open the box furiously pouring over the wide selection of candies and scanning the wrappers for any hint of Indianolia, Iowa. Imagine my incredible disappointment when my hometown was not mentioned on one single piece of candy or even the box for that matter. Heatedly, I ran to my computer with my new box of candy. I typed and typed, my original joy dissipating with each keystroke as i learned one piece of candy after another was manufactured somewhere other than Indianolia!

This product description is false advertising! This candy had NO connection to my hometown of Indianolia. This product gets one star for suckering me into buying it by capitalizing on my hometown pride.

The candy was delicious though.

AshlieManti, UT

1940’s retro candy ROCKS!

This box of blast from the past is the most awesome thing that I have found yet. Enjoyed mine so much it is going to make a fantastic Christmas gift for so many of my friends. Has more candy then any other box I have found. Great product and great company to work with.
FloriaLewisville, MN

Moldy and cannot be returned

I’ll give Amazon 5 stars for sending a replacement box out right away but the drop from a gold box deal of $27 to everyday of $14, 10 days later, reflects someone NOW has knowledge of bad boxes! This is a grocery item and cannot be returned. Candy is not really that special either. 1960’s box was the same.
PerryBentree, WV

Hometown Favorites 1940’s Nostalgic Candy Gift Box, Retro 40’s Candy

Hometown Favorites 1940’s Nostalgic Candy Gift Box, Retro 40’s Candy. It was a Christmas present, we all enjoyed remembering and trying the candy. You best like black licorice, as you won’t find many modern candy flavors.
LoritaProsperity, PA

A Box of Pleasant Memories…

This is a box of pleasant memories of my childhood days. I can recall counting my pennies as I rode my bike to the corner grocery or drug store to select one of these candy favorites! My personal favorite has always been licorice flavored candies.
TennieKingsley, IA

Fun gift

Bought this for my mother for Christmas. It was an add-on gift, but I am so glad I got it. She lit up like one of my kids getting a iPod!! She looked at each kind of candy and shared some memories. My father chimed in, too! A great gift!
ElvisMarfa, TX

Great Gift

I bought this for my granddad for Christmas. (He was born in the 30s.) He absolutely loved it! It was a great trip down memory lane. All the candy was fresh, full-sized, and the correct era.
AddieThorofare, NJ

A Winner!

We purchased this basket for my parents who are in their 80’s. They are really enjoying it. Hill’s Cough Drops were a hit right off since they both have colds. Said it had been 75 years since they’d seen that product. There’s a lot of reminising going on as they browse all of the items. The “Bun” candy bar, which used to be made in nearby Ft. Wayne, was fun to come across. Mom found herself checking the label to see that it’s now made and it’s somewhere in the western US. They have placed various calls to me to relate a story to us about special discoveries included in the gift! Perfect!!
GeorgieNapoleonville, LA

My Mother loved it!

My Mother called and just recieved this assortment. She LOVES it. She said it is a large box, filled with full sized candy and she remembered many of them.
She was very suprised and said it was the best gift she has recived so far. The product was true to the description and was well worth the money.
ChristieCambridge, ME