Honest Ade, Superfruit Punch With Yumberry And Goki Berry, 16.9 Oz. / 12 PK Plastic Bottles

Flavor: SuperFruit Punch with Yumberry And Goji Berry Size: 16.9 Oz. Packaging: 12 Pack Plastic Bottles

Quick facts

  • Honest Ade
  • Super Antioxidant Fruit Punch
  • Yumberry and Goji Berry
  • Hints of strawberry and pear
  • 12 pack 16.9 oz. plastic bottles

Top reviews

Fresh Light Punch!!

I had this today, bought at a local store and I can’t believe how good it was! It was just sweet enough, and when I saw the calories I was even more pleased- I am totally bummed that I can’t find locally ( over 50 miles away ) and will have to order online for now until a local store carries it ( in bulk )
CourtneyMountain Home, AR

Honest Ade, Superfruit Punch is yummy

This superfruit punch is great. Perfect for when you are low on energy, a great pick me up. Not too sweet either. I have never heard of Yumberry but the Goki berry is very good for you. I will purchase it again.
VernitaAndover, VA