Honest Tea Iced-Just Green/Unsweetened

Honest Tea Iced Just Green, Unsweetened 59-ounces (Pack of 8)

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  • 59 fl oz / 8 packs

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Tea Drinker Or Not, You Gotta Love This

Old timers scoff at the foolishness of buying brewed tea when I surely ought to be able to soak my own teabags, but I can testify that my own is never this good or this reliable or even this available. On my own I like as not grab a bottle of something less healthful before I take the time to sort out which box of bags is right for what tea. Far better is that Honest Tea — very reasonably priced by the case in the half gallon, free shipping — saves me from the headache of fructose and gives me a beverage I can offer (iced or heated) to a friend. And if it turns out we can’t do without sweet tea after all I just dump in a dollop of agave syrup and there we all are, in smile city.
RenitaRiverton, IA