Honey Maid Graham Crackers, 4.8-Ounce Packages

Honey Maid Graham Crackers is made with real honey and contains 5 grams of grain per serving.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twenty seven, 4.8-ounces per unit (total of 129.6 ounces)
  • Made with real honey
  • Contains 5 grams of grain per serving

Top reviews

duped! (but pleading stupid)

did a search for gingerbread graham crackers and this came up. i was sooo excited. and then i got them and they were just regular graham crackers. i didn’t read carefully enough that the product wasn’t in fact what i searched for! my fault. gave them to a food bank. BUMMED
TerenceWaverly, PA

Generic Wrapped Graham Crackers

I was hoping these graham crackers were the small Nabisco Honey Made boxes at the convenience stores. They were wrapped in clear plastic wrap with no markings and shipped in a cardboard box. They are not packaged for resale! They might be good for household use, kitchen use, or large private groups. They were shipped with little breakage with no extra packing.
FletcherBurns, CO

Packaging Was Just Fine

When I first considered this purchase, I had noticed that the 2nd photo provided had a comment stating that the individual packets were tossed in the box loosely & the picture showed broken up crackers, so I almost decided against purchasing them, but took a chance anyway.

It’s true that you don’t get several Honey Maid Graham Cracker boxes with the individual packets, but the box they did come in, they were tightly packed. So if you don’t mind that they come in a single box, then you’ll enjoy these just as much.

I’ll try & upload a photo so you’ll have a better idea.


VerdieMoroni, UT

Packaging is not adequate

My kids love smores (done in microwave) so I thought it would be nice to get these graham crackers on the subscribe & save. My problem is the graham crackers did not come in the manufacturer’s box. All were loose within box shipped in thus way too many of the crackers were broken. If you were to use the crackers for a graham cracker crust, you wouldn’t mind. However, these are now too messy to give the kids as a stand alone snack and not usable for smores. Very disappointed. A little TLC and all would be fine. Last note, I tried desparately to find a link to complain but came up empty handed. Seems all I can do is return them, paying shipping. Ugh!
CorinaWaldron, IN

Great tasting product

The graham crackers arrived well with little breakage. How many times have you opened a box of graham crackers purchased from the grocery store and not had a few broke? It didn’t matter as I made a pie from the broken ones anyway. The rest were used for dunkin’ in a cold coffe cup of milk.
Mmm good.

Amazon has some of the best around and I would order this again.

ColeenEads, CO

These are great! Please don’t stop selling them.

Even if these came pulverized (and from my experience they don’t even come slightly damaged) these always fresh Graham crackers would be a great deal.
BessieHot Springs Village, AR

fine for its purpose

Bought these for use at a Montessori school. They all came packaged tightly in one box. Very few were actually broken. I would recommend this easily.
RosemarySimon, WV

Crumby crackers

Three orders of these Grahms came bundled so that they were only good for crushed crust or cereal. No Smores or snacks. I mean really crushed up.
OdaDeshler, NE

complete but broken

box arrived on schedule, the only compliant would be the number of broken crackers spread thrughout the packaage. There could be a better system. comments available
NickolasLillian, TX