Honey Northern California Yellow Star Thistle – 1 Gallon

With a Candy-Like flavor, Yellow Star Thistle Honey comes from a vibrant wildflower growing throughout Northern California. The Gourmet Honey Collection has a hard task to find a truly pure Yellow Star Thistle Honey. It is with the greatest pleasure that we offer this rare, golden sweet from the hills of Northern California! Not so long ago, the small yellow, fuzzy flowers dotted roadsides and fields, familiar to all who drove through the countryside. Beekeepers understand how light, sweet and delicate the honey of the Yellow Star Thistle is and compete for hive locations in densely flowered areas. ItÕs clean and simple taste won the hearts of the staff at Food and Wine magazine who declare it “The Champagne of Honeys!Ó Saveur magazine names Yellow Star Thistle from Moon Shine Trading Company one of AmericaÕs finest honeys. Star Thistle is wonderful to bake with – its light flavor never overpowers the subtle flavors of cakes, cookies and so much more. Also available in creamy style!

Quick facts

  • Pure, Raw, Natural Honey. Nature’s Finest Sweet!
  • Support America’s Beekeepers. All US Produced Honey!
  • All Kosher, Natural, Unheated & Unprocessed
  • Delicate wildflower sweetness. Northern California’s finest honey.
  • SAVE Money! Shipping Three Jars costs the SAME as shipping One Jar!

Top reviews

misrepresented in product description

This honey is NOT RAW, nor is it represented as such on the product label, which is impossible to read in full on the web page. By the taste and texture of it, it most definitely has been heated, and is only a pale shadow of what a raw star thistle honey is.
MathildaAlexandria, OH