Honey Powder, 8 oz.

Honey Powder, 8 oz.

Quick facts

  • 8 ounce bag
  • Commercial product
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Top reviews

honey pwder

I bought this as a gift so I have not tried it. But it was delivered in an extremely timely manner and came packaged as pictured. The shipping was a little steep and I would not spend on a regular bases.
VadaGlenn Dale, MD

Shipped very Fast

I have not tried the product yet but I was pleased with the Shipping I had received, we will be using the powder in coffee, Hot teas and cooking, so for now it is tucked into my Food Storage ! I didn’t give 5 stars due to not having tried the item yet ! but we will this weekend.
SaturninaRotan, TX


I ordered this SO CALLED Honey Powder from BARRY FARMS ~ it is a FRAUD !! It is not HONEY POWDER. It is
WHEAT with something else mixed with it. It does not dissolve, it DOES NOT have HONEY in the mix. On top
of their frauding the public, they make sure you cannot return it and get a refund. They should be
reported for the fraudelent manner they are operating.

I THREW both bags in the trash.

QueenHeart Butte, MT

Allergens Must be listed about each food item

I was extremely dismayed when I received the product only to read on the label that it contains WHEAT starch as well as honey. I was looking forward to using the powered form for baking and being allergic to wheat and other gluten products I can’t use this. Also it cannot be returned due to some kind of laws about food products. PLEASE, Amazon and all sellers LIST allergens on the description of your product for the thousands of us who have food allergies.
IllaMurray City, OH

Bad news

Don’t surprised if they mess up your order, then give YOU a hard time about it.
WillenaWhite Springs, FL

Not just honey!!

After receiving a very timely shipment I also was very dismayed to find out that I cannot use this honey powder because it contains wheat. I had specifically checked the ingredients before purchasing; saying it is powdered honey is not accurate — that’s not the only ingredient!
LanellePenfield, IL

Disgusting Product

I bought this product to use in my tea. I normaly buy Honey granuals, but I decided to try this product instead. I used two teaspoons in my tea. What I got was no sweetness at all, no honey taste at all, and a load of sludge in the bottom of my cup, that when I accidently got a mouthful of it tasted like old cardboard. It was absolutly disgusting. To make it worse after I put it in my tea, I mixed it with the rest of my honey granuals in my container, so now I have to throw it all away. This product is straight up disgusting. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!
RobertForman, ND