Horlicks Drinking Powder 300g Jar

Horlicks Malt Beverage Mix is a popular night time beverage from England. Popular worldwide!

Quick facts

  • Horlicks Drinking Powder
  • Nourishing malted drink
  • Made with malted barley, wheat and dairy ingredients
  • Great as pre-bed relaxing drink. Just add milk, best served hot
  • Jar 300g

Top reviews

Ideal for a Chocolate Malt

This is a premier product, although pricey with shipping added in, for making a outstanding chocolate malt. I think that it is far superior to the typical products one finds on grocer shelves. My recipe for a Malt for 1 person is 1/2 pint chocolate or vanilla ice cream, 1/2 cup milk, 2 Tbs Horlicks Drinking Powder, and 2 Tbs chocolate syrup. Mix in a blender. Adjust as you see fit….. There are many recipes on the web.

I also made a hot chocolate malt at breakfast one morning. I used 1 Tb Horlicks Drinking Powder, 3/4 cup of warm milk, and 1 Tb chocolate syrup. That also was good.

Again if you love malt this product is an excellent choice.

RuthAltmar, NY

Good but seriously over priced

I can buy twice the size of this container at my local Indian grocery store for half the price. This container was ridiculously small and was over within a week. For $9,xx this is highly over priced. Buy it locally.
ShonnaWeatherford, TX

I drank this mid afternoon and had a 1 hr 20 min nap

I couldn’t wait to bedtime to try this as it had been so many years since I had it. I took lowfat soymilk and heated 1/2 cup and put in 2 teaspoons. Tastes just like it did as a child. Next thing I knew the dog was barking to go out and I had been out cold. I hope it works as well wen I have sleepless nights.

The taste is wonderful if you like malt flavor like the inside of a malted milk ball.

KasiJustin, TX


It’s hard to describe this to people who have never sampled it, but basically it’s a powder to which you mix milk and sugar to get a sweetened malted drink. It is supposed to promote sleep.

Quite simply it’s a comfort drink when plain milk just won’t do. You can also call it malted milk or a hot sweet malt drink.

In the great British trifecta of British powdered drinks to be mixed with milk and sugar, Horlicks the most malty, Milo is medium chocolately and malty, and Ovaltine seems to be the most chocolately. It’s actually named after the inventor, William Horlick.

As far as taste goes, you can make it as malty or sweet as you like depending on how much of each you add to the milk. But to those who love and grew up on Holicks, it’s just a great comfort drink.

DerickLagro, IN

Horlicks is like 2 minutes of heaven every day

I almost never review anything, but I had to review Horlicks. I have been a Horlicks addict since I was 5. And every single person who has ever lived with me: room mates or boyfriends and now my husband – are all Horlicks addicts too. I cant wait until its time to head to bed with my Horlicks and Kindle. Its the perfect amount of maltiness and sweetness and just heaven with warm milk. Enjoy!
AlixDuck River, TN

Great Taste

This is a great tasting hot drink. It is not chocolate base like Milo or ovaltine. When added to milk the color of the milk barely changes. It gives the milk a smooth texture and a creamy taste. I mix 2 tbs with warm milk, sometimes I use sugar and sometime I don’t. Without sugar added it still has a good taste. The only thing is the 300g container is very small I was expecting something a little bigger for $10. If I knew 300g was so small in size I would have order the larger size.

Here is the Nutritional fact base on 1 serving 25g

Calories 189
Sodium 1 mg
Total Fat 4 g
Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 3 g
Total Carbs 27 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g
Dietary Fiber 0 g
Monounsaturated 0 g
Sugars 19 g
Trans 0 g
Protein 10 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin A 36%
Calcium 88%
Vitamin C 28%
Iron 19%

KennethFindlay, OH

Horlicks is Great

This us the malted milk product I remember from when I was a child. Nothing else that is available on the market now compares.
BrookWayne, IL


It is a very mild flavored drink and a bit on the costly side. I do not think I would reorder it.
AssuntaShirley, NY

Great taste but gritty in cold drinks

I used this for milkshakes and it was very gritty. In milkshakes this may not be the answer. I also used it in hot chocolate there it worked very well but in cold dont waste your time.
BasilCampbell, MO

Yummy, yummy and yummy!

I grew up drinking a warm Horlicks before bed, sometimes one cup just wasn’t enough. It’s very tasty and helps you sleep. You MUST try this. Yummy!
CyndyCastleford, ID

great milk shakes

Purchased for my son in law who loves milk shakes. When added to the basic ingredients of milk, syrup, ice cream, it adds to really nice flavor.
CharisAlmond, WI

I Liked It

I liked it very much. It was differant I must say. It did not help me with my sleeping but will buy it again.
DeloraAndover, IL


Could not find vanilla malt anywhere. This stuff is what legends were made of and kids today dont know anything about it. “Malt Shops” were all the rage for decades and now mostly forgotten.
The only domestic mfr of this malt makes it only in chocolate which does not work for anything but chocolate. If you want vanilla, strawberry or any other flavor malt you have to have VANILLA!
Im really happy to have found this source.
BonnieWaverly, AL