Hormel Chicken Breast & Gravy with Mashed Potatoes, 10-Ounce Units

Hormel chicken breast & gravy with mashed potatoes, 10-ounce units (pack of 6) are for people on the go expect more from their meals. You want it fast, you want it tasty and you want the convenience of packaging that lets you eat without disrupting your busy schedule. Here’s a microwave-friendly meal solution that’s perfect for you: Hormel Compleats microwaveable meals. Available in 25 delicious varieties, such as Swedish meatballs, beef steak tips with mashed potatoes with a new line created for a healthy lifestyle.

Quick facts

  • Pack of six, 10-ounce units(total of 60-ounces)
  • A microwave-friendly meal solution that’s perfect for you
  • A new line created for a healthy lifestyle

Top reviews

A great item to keep in your pantry

Hormel’s Compleat line of shelf-stable entrees should be evaluated for what they are. You’re never going to get great texture or intense flavor from a “canned” product (and that’s basically what this is), but manufacturers can create a product worth buying for certain needs, and Hormel has achieved this admirably. Don’t expect restaurant-quality or even frozen-dinner quality food here, but for what they are, they’re great.

The good things about the Compleat line:

*No refrigeration is required. This makes Compleats ideal for your home emergency survival kit (you do have one, right?), camping, keeping on hand at work, or any other situation where refrigeration is not possible or practical. It’s also nice to be able to store some extra food that won’t take up space in your freezer.

*The size (10 ounces) is bigger than many frozen dinners.

*They’re easy to open. The plastic “lid” (a tough sheet of plastic wrap that’s firmly sealed to the edges of the bowl) is easy to grab, comes off in one piece, and would be practical for a child to open him/herself. (A child of maybe seven or eight could handle this meal unassisted at school. Be sure to demonstrate to the child how to safely pull the lid off [keeping hands away from the steam]. Don’t try to pull both sides at one time; that’s kind of hard. Just pull off the lid one side at a time, going around the edge in a circle.)

*The container is boilable. This means that if your power is out but you have a camp stove (be sure to do this outside), you can still cook these, even without a microwave. This situation probably won’t happen too often, but it’s a good feature to have.

*The meal cooks quickly. All of the Compleat entrees I’ve seen cook in 90 seconds.

*In a pinch, you could eat one of these unheated.

*Most of the varieties have a very generous amount of meat, driving the protein content to 20g or more for some of them, something virtually unheard of in frozen dinners.

*The taste of the Compleat entrees is nothing to write home about, but given the parameters of what this product is, they are not half bad.

*Most are low in calories.

The bad things about Compleats:

*High sodium content (700g+ in most entrees), but you’ve gotta expect that in a canned food.

*Somewhat bland flavor and texture.

*Some of the entrees contain MSG.

*Not much in the way of vegetable content (but considering how mushy and awful canned vegetables tend to be, that’s probably a good thing).

Regarding the Chicken Breast & Gravy meal specifically, there is a huge chunk of tender, somewhat dry chicken. Fortunately, the abundant gravy helps with that. A generous base of mashed potatoes will fill you up. This isn’t a great meal, but for the price (I originally paid $2.76 at a grocery store), I’ll buy this again to have on hand. The meal has 21g protein, 210 calories, 24g carbs, 3g fiber, and 780mg sodium. Contains MSG.

StevenMiddletown, IN

Oh Man. Paper, Scissors Rock To See Who Has To Eat This

I’m always looking out for shelf stable foods that I can heat and eat in a hurry. I still haven’t found it. I bought a six pack of these and I don’t even think I’ll donate the remaining five to a food bank. They’re just that nasty. The flavor is, well, not chickeny. The chicken is rubbery something and not chickeny, either. The instant potatoes somehow have lumps and I’m pretty sure the gravy is just for color. Oh, man. I can’t, in good conscience, give this to the dog to eat.
ShayneWest Middletown, PA

Grainy and Tasteless

Despite the two good reviews on this product from others, I had to put my two cents in and make it known that this product isn’t tasty. Its texture is grainy (which isn’t good for potatoes or chicken), the chicken was overly dry and salty, and the real turn-off was the flavorless “gravy.” I’m not a picky eater nor a connoisseur of fine meals, but if I had the option of eating this or starving to death, I’d starve to death. Especially with a pack of six, I suggest you try it before you buy in bulk. It really isn’t palatable, IMHO.
LovieRock Springs, WY

Great taste, cheap, and easy.

These are great. I’ve tried several different versions of the Compleats, but this one is my favorite. Not only is it the lowest in calories of the ones I like, but it’s also the highest in protein and keeps me full the longest. My local Wal-Mart sells them for $2.00 each, which after tax, makes them a little cheaper than Amazon, but with the subscribe and save, it’s only a little cheaper and it saves me the hassle of having to go to Wal-Mart, not to mention, they are out of this variety sometimes. I usually have one of these with one package of Ramen noodles. I eat at 11:00 a.m. and it holds me until 6:00 p.m. for dinner. I weigh 180 pounds and am fairly active while at work, walking around, lifting heavy things, etc. so if you’re looking for something cheap, with a good source of protein and low calories, give these a shot.
PaulineCrawfordsville, IN

I’m mad that I have to give 1 star

I’m not knocking anybody else’s taste, but this stuff smells like crap and tastes even worse. I eat frozen lunches from Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, or canned tuna, etc…so I’m no food snob.

I’m not even complaining about the sodium content because I didn’t expect it to be low-salt. I saw it in the market and thought I’d give it a try because it’s low fat, low calorie and I wanted a break from the usual salad, frozen lunch or dinner leftovers. I knew something was up when I started heating it and got this weird smell. But when I took a bite — oh my, it was a taste I’ve never experienced. I see why it’s low fat — there is nothing in it that remotely resembles actual food!

Gagged on the first bite and threw the rest in the trash….far from my work office lest it stink up the room. Worst of all is that it ruined my appetite. I wouldn’t give it to my dog and he eats EVERYTHING. Just gross! Enjoy your lunch, just not this one!

Hormel should be ashamed!

QuinnContoocook, NH

A lot of food compared to other Hormel Compleats Meals

Each meal consistently had a large piece of chicken breast that actually covered more that 3/4 the length of the package. Also contained a substantial amount of potatoes in the package.
BulahHope, NJ


I do subscribe and save on several compleats. So I tried this one to see if I wanted to add it to the list. Bland and disappointing.
EuniceCut Bank, MT

Pretty AWFUL

i’ve purchased the turkey/stuffing compleats from amazon and enjoy that kind very much- have purchased several times and sent some to family members.

i bought this chick/gravy/mash from walmart website for $1.98 each_they offer a few varieties and i thought it was best to just order 1 or 2 to see if i like it, rather than be stuck with 6 by ordering here.

i’m glad i only ordered 2- the 1 i ate was horrible-it was kinda like the texture and taste of warm paste-if you can imagine that. the chicken breast looked good and all white meat- but it was tasteless- other than the pasty taste and texture of the gravy and mashed potatoes. i think i would only eat this again if i was starving. i can not in good conscience recommend it.

GeorgiannaAvon, CT

I usually love Hormel…

Wow, this was awful! Very bland and even fatty in places. I’ve eaten 4 of the 6 so far and every time it seems to get worse. I got these for my lunch breaks, and I literally dread eating these now. I feel like I have to as I don’t want to waste them, but these are just bad. No taste, gravy is watered down, and the chicken is just atrocious.

Save yourself some money and stay CLEAR of these. The price went up nearly $5 dollars since the time that I bought them, so as of right now the price is just ridiculous for a 6 pack. $17 is way too much!

KendrickPleasant Lake, IN

quite good, for a packaged meal

Much better than expected. Nice big chunks of white meat chicken. (No gray mystery meat.) Pretty good dressing & gravy. Easily zappable in microwave with no mess. Good quickie lunch.
MerrillScappoose, OR