Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast & Dressing, 10-Ounce Microwavable Bowls

Eat without disrupting your busy schedule with Hormel® Compleats® meals. When you want it fast and tasty, get Hormel Compleats meals-from desk drawer to delicious in ninety seconds

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 10-ounce meals (60 ounce)
  • Microwavable Bowl
  • Delicious microwave meal

Top reviews

You Can Blame It On The Gravy, I Guess

My apologies to all who give this particular Hormel Compleats good reviews. I’ve tried several in the Compleats line, gobbling all six in the box myself. This is the very worst of all I’ve sampled. Really sorry. Please remember, these all are personal opinions.

The chicken is tasteless; but would be so-so when compared to most Compleats. The dressing is…well, I don’t know really how the dressing tastes because any flavor is “compleatly” wiped out by the true culprit in this disaster…..

That would bring us to the gravy, or whatever they call that stuff on top. I don’t know how the good folks at Hormel accomplished this; but they produced a substance that not only is tasteless in itself, but draws flavor from everything around it. That had to be quite an accomplishment, scientifically; but not good, gourmet-wise. Certain brands of glue might be better, I’m afraid. At least you could taste them.

While doing this, let me again apologize to the dressing. Just too much gravy to have any idea what it might be like.

YolandaAguilar, CO

Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast & Dressing

This dinner tastes good, and since it requires no refrigeration for storage, can be kept on hand for emergencies.
OnaRockmart, GA


I didn’t read the ingredients in this stuff so I could just ENJOY! A sprinkling of crushed red pepper made it ZING!
FatimahLeesville, LA


For the price you get a nice piece of chicken breast not formed but real chicken breast and the dressing is good too. and i can’t get it cheaper in stores. when i have it delivered every month with Subscribe & Save it’s like $2.20 a meal delivered i just wish they had all of the compleats line.
OletaRexburg, ID

Salty, and too much celery

I love Hormel Compleats. They’re all very convenient, since I can stash them in a cabinet in my office and not worry about remembering to bring something from home, or about it getting stolen from the communal refrigerator.

I didn’t care much for this… the dressing is pasty, gluey and has way too much celery for my taste. The gravy is too salty. The chicken breast is dry, stringy, and difficult to cut unless you remove it to a plate, which defeats the purpose of such a quick microwave meal.

ElishaAvery Island, LA

PDQ Chicken-N-Stuffin’!

The wife and I sampled these all-breast-meat chicken dinners and found them to be surprisingly good! The chicken was all white meat, as advertised. Moreover, it was an adequate portion size, very tender, and quite tasty. Though the stuffing was way sogged-out by the gravy, it wasn’t overly spiced and was flavored very nicely. We especially liked the embedded celery pieces, which lent a home-style touch. If it weren’t for the somewhat slimy texture and elevated salt content, these meals could have easily have earned five stars. Throw in some fresh or canned fruit, and you’ve got yourself a pretty fair lunch in just under a couple of minutes.
HollisSelma, NC

good idea but….

Hormel has came up with another shelf stable product. Of course to make it last over a year on the shelf it has to have lots of preservitive ingredients. I sampled one and found they are very salty and tastless. I bought these thinking they would sell in my little store (I sell mostly to senior citizens) being convienant for Senior Citizens to prepare a quick dinner. I was wrong. They are still on the shelf, and I will probably wind up trying to get rid of them at a loss or give away.
ArletteCary, NC


I really got started on this concept of micro-wave meal cooking three years ago when I lost 50 pounds on The Nutrisystem Diet. There are many different meals that you can purchase. This is one of my 6 favorites. The best price that I found was at Walmart where I have often found them for $1.98 each. They take only 90 seconds to cook and then open. They are fast and good if you are a calorie counter like I am. I usally have one of these many different meals 3-4 evenings per week. My lunch is usally chicken or fish along with steamed green vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts or green beans. I use fat free spray butter.
BasiliaPaynesville, MN

Salty but filling

My husband will not make more of an effort to feed himself than to heat something up and if I’m not around to provide for him or leave him something already made in the fridge, his immediate go-to is canned soups and canned pastas. As such, I thought these Hormel meals would be a brilliant thing to have around the house. Not only are they right up his alley with being extremely easy to prepare but there is a very wide variety, they come in their own bowl, and you don’t need to refrigerate them. I had visions of him keeping a stash at work or in his car and never having to buy lunch if he forgot it at home. Or even him grabbing one for a late night snack and being pleased that he had so many different kinds to choose from.

Well, he quickly killed that after trying about four of them. He now will only eat them as a last resort. He’s really not all that fond of them. Which leaves me to eat them seeing as how we have so many in the house.

The chicken breast and dressing is one of the better ones of the Hormel line but it does have its faults. The gravy is too salty like many of Hormel’s products. The dressing, though, is good and filling and I actually prefer it over the potatoes you can find in many of the red meat meals. I’m not normally a fan of celery but the occasional crisp it adds to the dressing is very welcome. The texture gives what would otherwise be a pretty mushy meal, a tiny bit of contrast. The chicken in this is one of Hormel’s better meats, mostly because I feel like I’m actually eating meat (which unfortunately isn’t always the case with Hormel). I would say that the gravy would be much better with way less salt but I’m afraid if you took the salt away, the flavor would just be a bland, blah bore.

For what this is — a non-perishable prepared food that is fairly cheap — it’s pretty good. It will fill you up quickly at very low effort and cost, but if you are going to compare it to something you can make yourself, well, there really isn’t any comparison.

All I know is that if the end of the world were to come, we have so many of these that we would be set for some while. Well, as long as the end of the world didn’t mean the end of working microwaves, that is 🙂

YoshieBagley, MN

hormel compleats chicken and stuffing

the hormel compleats chicken and stuffing was just as decribed on the website arrived on time (early in the morning) and were very good, i will order this again soon
SalSummerland Key, FL

Delicious and Amazing

These meals are amazing. They are low calorie and delicious and do not require any refrigeration. I cook two of them in a microwave as one meal for less than 700 calories of what I find to be delicious goodness for a microwave meal in less than 1 and a half. Will definately have these in my cupbard from now on.
BrandeeStumpy Point, NC


well…. I REALLY wanted to like all these compleats to make lunches at work simpler… but I don’t. They would be fine once in a great while if you forgot to bring something good or didn’t have time to run out for lunch, but overall they aren’t very good. I’ve tried about 6 varieties now, and this one was the better of them all, but that’s not saying much.
EllieLocustville, VA

Brown bowl of mush

If you don’t have a refrigerator and can’t cook, and you’re ok with industrial-tasting foods – this is for you. I bought this because it was on sale, and to try something different for days where I’m running late and can’t pack a proper lunch. This was my first, and last, experience with the Compleats products. It cooked up just fine. Peel back the plastic – and it’s just a bowl of brown mush. Yes – there’s real chicke on top, which falls apart when you try and cut it – and it just mixes in with what I assume was supposed to be stuffing and gravy. Eat it with a spoon. The picture on the package is NOT what you get inside.
DannetteDilltown, PA

Hormel Chicken and Stuffing Dinner

I really liked this dinner. The chicken is very good quality and tasty. The gravy is really good. The stuffing is a bit moist but the taste is very good. I actually liked it alot. I know the sodium is a bit high, but the meal was piping hot and ready to eat in 90 seconds. What more can you ask for? I will buy these again. They are great for work or when you are just so tired and dont feel like going to the store. They keep forever.
ChanelMusella, GA


The chicken is tender, and along with the dressing, this is a DELICIOUS meal. Work long hours, on the run, family members eating on different schedules? Then, this quick meal heated in the microwave is perfect! I highly recommend for a “now and then” quick meal for people on the go.
BradleyWindsor, CA

Better than I thought they would be!

These were actually quite tasty despite the expectation of something bland. What made this dinner a great buy is the thick and meaty portion of chicken breast that comes in it! You really get a nice serving of protein.
DouglassWolf Lake, MN

Hormel Compleats Chicken Breast and Dressing

I love it. To my tastes its the best of the Compleats line. The chicken was tender and easily cut. The dressing, although a bit soggy from the gravy was still tasty and the celery was a nice touch. The gravy was a bit bland, but still pulled the whole thing together. Overall I would buy this again (and I have!)

For the price? Excellent!

LadawnSolsberry, IN

not Awful but not very good

I found this variety of compleats to be ok at best and closer to not very good. It has the same stuffing as the turk/stuff variety. It has 1 real chicken breast-no skin. The chicken breast broke apart easily enough with just a fork but it didn’t have much taste and it was dry. The worst part is the gravy. In the turk/stuff they have a brown gravy_but in this chick/stuff they have a white gravy- and it doesn’t taste very good_ if they used the same gravy as they do in the turk/stuff, i would have liked it better. And since there is so much gravy in here it kinda makes or breaks the taste experience-
The stuffing was good. The chick breast was ok> The gravy wasn’t good. If you’re good with jazzing up premade meals with your own spices or condiments you might be able to give it some better taste. It’s much better than the chicken and mashed potato variety if that helps anybody- the sauce/gravy in that one is the absolute worst-kinda like a white paste–yuck.
I like the turkey/stuffing if that helps you judge my taste buds in relation to yours.
To some people this really will taste good- and to others it will be horrible_ that’s the thing about everybody having different taste- some people like chocolate and some vanilla-

I ordered mine in June 2012 and the ‘use by date’ or ‘expire’ date is June 2013_ so a 1 year shelf life is very good and convenient- especially for long term storage and emergency supplies and desk drawers incase you need a quick meal at work, for the kids when you don’t feel like cooking_ only 90 seconds in microwave is a miracle.
I only paid $2 per meal and s/h was free

WallyUtica, SD

This is my favorite…

I’ve tried and enjoyed several of the Hormel Compleats over the past couple of years. Before I tried the Chicken with Dressing, my favorite was Turkey with Dressing, followed by some of the Beef varieties. Once I tried the Chicken Breast with Dressing, it quickly became my favorite. I’m 77 and a widower and sometimes I simply don’t feel up to cooking a meal. These are certainly easy to prepare and I prefer them to a frozen dinner. Plus the price is less than a quality brand frozen dinner. I keep several on hand. I try to avoid salting the dinner… there appears to be enough sodium in the package already. I like these. Hint: look into Amazon’s subscription program and get free shipping!
ContessaTuttle, ND