Hormel Vegetarian Chili with Beans, 15-Ounce

Hormel® 99% Fat Free Vegetarian With Beans Chili. Since 1891.

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Best veggie chili ever!!!!!!

As vegetarians, a good veggie chili is always a fantastic way for us to get lean, easy to prepare protein in a fast, hearty meal. It is a huge staple of our diet.

Hormel veggie chili is so fantastic and so underrated it’s insane. We have tried so many of the other brands and they are so much more expensive, and no better. The Hormel stuff doesn’t have any artificial junk in it, just straightforward wholesome ingredients, like veggies and beans and seasonings. It’s no higher in sodium, and no lower in nutrients than the other canned veggie chilis. And it runs about $1.50 a can, as opposed to the stuff at the health food store that’s always at least twice the price. It is delicious, easy to make, ready in minutes, practically fat free, high in protein, filling, I could go on and on. With a family of 5 vegetarians to feed having such an easy meal on hand is a LIFE SAVER.

Obviously I know that this is a prepared food, and has a little too much sodium for it to be an everyday treat, but as far as prepared foods go I could not be happier or more impressed with it.

TovaMendocino, CA

Not as good as the meat version, but quite good for vegetarians

My wife is vegetarian and I was eating some traditional canned chili. She said, “I wish they had canned vegetarian chili!” So I came right to amazon to see and sure enough! IMO, it’s not quite as good as their meat version, but it’s still good. There is a lot more tomato base to the vegetarian chili. My wife thinks the flavor is good. It could be improved with more TVP. I give it a 4 because I can identify improvements. The ingredients are all good and pass a vegetarian label inspection. I recommend it. I do wish it had more TVP though.
MellieFall City, WA

Good easy snack, just add some crackers

The hormel vegetarian chili makes for an easy snack. We usually eat with ritz crackers. It is a good source of protein for vegetarians.
EdwardLa Plata, MD

very good.

This is a really good vegetarian chili — it is heavy on the beans and has soy protein (kind of like fake meat) in it, but it doesn’t really have other vegetables — which I actually like about it. Other chilis will have these random chunks of tomatos or something in there, and that is not what chili is supposed to be at its basic form. Sure, you can add that stuff if you want it but it doesn’t belong in a can.

Anyway, this chili has a great consistency which makes it a great candidate for mixing with hot sauces. If you are like me and enjoy your chili HOT… mix your habanero or ghost pepper sauce, etc. into this. it is thick enough that you can get an even distribution. other chili’s i’ve tried don’t mix as well because they are too thin, meaning the hot sauce settles in a single area resulting in it burning your mouth off in one bite and not at all in another. this chili gets it right.

RubinAromas, CA

not worth eating…

im a mostly a vegan. but on occasion i like to eat chilli (bean meat) but the store i was at was out so i bought the vegan hormel chilli. im not sure how to say this but when i took my first bite of it, it tasted like they dumped vinegar and cabbage with beans in a nasty taco sauce. after my 5th bite i threw it down the sink. it was horrible! and to assure you it wasn’t a bad can i decided to try it again a few years later it tasted the same. im sure there’s better vegetarian chilli out there but i say if you want vegan cilli, make it yourself. BLAH!!! XP Now if you excuse me i need to get some mouth wash. lol
GladyArchbold, OH