Hostess Golden Cup Cakes, 8 each

Hostess Golden Cup Cakes, 8 each

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  • Hostess Golden Cup Cakes, 8 each

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Just plain wrong

Say it ain’t so, Hostess. A Golden cup cake?? Look, if you want “golden” snack cake, have a reeky Twinkie. But if it’s a cup cake you want, go with the original chocolate. I’m proud to say I avoided all Hostess products for about 2 months when they introduced this ridiculous product – HOLLA!
EloyMalcolm, AL

Not Bad!

I liked this cupcake. If you’re a fan of the original chocolate cupcake you may still find that those are your favorite. However, let’s not unfairly bash this variety because it’s not an original.

The consistency of the cake, the frosting and cream filling are the same as you will find on all of the other cupcake varieties. The only difference here is the cake flavor. If you are a fan of yellow cake, you will probably like this. I saw nothing wrong with this. It’s not the chocolate, but it’s not meant to be the chocolate…it’s golden.

ChristelNelsonia, VA

Customer service a 10

I received my order and was not pleased with the freshness of the product.
However, the distributor read my review and reimbursed me the full price.
I give them a 10 for customer service. Pretty spectacular in this day and age.
They have fully redeemed themselves……..a “BIG THANK-YOU!!!!
JoaquinaPecos, TX

These are addictive

They are the closest thing to what Hostess used to have, and I loved the best, chocolate covered twinkies, no longer available. But these work just fine.

I had the chocolate cup cake addiction until I ran across these, and now these are stacked up in the kitchen ! A little pricey, but as a back up if my supermarket drops them, it will work.

DoreathaDana, NC

6 stars if I could give it.

I had my first taste of these “golden” delights just recently, now I’m craving them. Really, I’m trying to stay within a reasonable helping of these once in a while, but I surely enjoy them. I’m not knocking the other flavors including chocolate, but for me these are far and away the best combination of flavors in a cupcake I’ve ever tasted. Bravo Hostess!!!!
CharleyMountain Home, TX

Probably the Best Cupcakes from Hostess

I think that I love these kind of cupcakes more than the chocolate, orange, and strawberry flavors. Those golden cupcakes are fresh, tasty, and excellent. I do like vanilla cake with chocolate icing/glaze. It is not too much chocolate and it is not too much vanilla either.

I highly recommend this product to anyone. Even a dog may fall in love with it.

SusanQuay, NM