Hostess Sno Balls 6 full size packs 2 cakes per package

Hostess Sno Balls are a favorite at any time of the year! Delicious! This order includes 6 packs of 2 cakes.

Quick facts

  • 2 cakes per pack
  • 6 full size packs

Top reviews

Sno-Balls tasted great but are overpriced

The title for this item is confusing, it says 2 boxes of 12 cakes. That means you get 24 Sno-Ball packages, right? Wrong. You get 6 Sno-Ball packages and they do not come in boxes other than the shipping carton. These could be purchased much cheaper from any local stop-and-go market or gas station. The vendor did refund me $5 for the confusion but I was still very disappointed.
EhtelGarden Grove, CA

Amazon Pricing Police

These prices are outrageous! Complete robbery! Amazon should regulate their sellers. I demand the formation of an Amazon Pricing Police! (not kidding). I only give 5 stars for past memories of how delicious they were as a kid. At these prices I’m afraid I will not ever eat them again *sigh.
MairaColfax, IA

I have a funny story to share

Well unless your sense of humor is different from mine, then you’ll be disappointed.

One time several years ago I went to the uptown mini mart with my mom. I believe the year was 1990. It was really early in the morning. I recall the dampness of the morning dew had turned all the trees and plants a swampy shade of green in the autumn sun. What a fantastic story I just shared, huh? Oh wait that’s just the introduction! Continue on!

Anyway my mom walks into the store but I wait in the car. I’m not a morning person and the car seat was comfortable so good luck getting me to budge. A man dressed in formal attire pulls up a few parking spaces to the right. He was obviously going to some business meeting and making it big in my no-name Amish town, making me feel small and ashamed of myself for living in a town way below his high profile standards. Making me feel any sense of accomplishment I might get to experience will automatically be deemed inferior.

Anyway he gives me these dirty looks as he pulls open the front door and walks into the store. I wasn’t sure what to make of that, but needless to say I was young and therefore shocked and confused that someone so sharp dressed would stare me down with piercing eyes. This might not have been a showdown in the wild west but I was one second away from pulling out my squirt gun.

I watch the man do what is most likely his usual morning routine (well I mean his routine after leaving the house- I KNOW he brushes his teeth, gets a shower and makes the bed). I now stare HIM down since he was too far away to see me. Like a Jack Russell Terrier, I wait for him to turn around and *then* nip at his ankles. With his back turned, he was no longer capable of giving me those bad looks, which gave me this sense of unlimited power. The power’s now in MY hands. You’re completely under my eyes command so to speak. Well I was about to find out why he was so desperately trying to tuck himself out of my view. The closet demons apparently volunteered to go for a ride with him that morning.

When I see the guy walk to the cash register lady, guess what he was holding? No, not a newspaper and coffee like most people of his type. He was holding a pink Hostess Sno Ball. And NOTHING else!

He walks out of the store giving me another frightening look of intimidation but the Sno Ball was CLEARLY visible. It was like watching a sumo wrestler push someone around wearing those bunny pajamas that Ralphie’s aunt made for him from the holiday classic- The Christmas Story (only this time I’m glad my eyes weren’t shot out so I could witness the youtube-worthy humiliation standing before me). This time I’m not scared realizing his reputation as a serious business man was now in serious question. No thriving company would ever consider hiring the proud owner of a Hostess Sno Ball. I smile as he leaves. He pulls away too ashamed to make eye contact with me (or because he needed to see where he was driving, but still, I SO won that battle!)

OrphaGreat Lakes, IL


My Hostess Sno Balls arrived very quickly and in great condition. They tasted great and were well within the freshness date stamped on the packages. I will definitely order again. They are especially good after being refrigerated. I hope the Candy Banditt will continue to provide the good service that I experienced.
MichelKevin, MT


BrendaTavernier, FL

Tasted absolutely horrible

First bite tasted so metallic and chemical-like I spat it out. The things were very dark red, instead of pink, and when I tried another bite of another one from a different package it also had a bad taste. Had to toss the whole order out. Now I’m leary of trying any more of these.
MableFlorence, WI

SNOWBALLS remind me of my childhood.

Snowballs must be so many generations’ favorite cake snack! It was great to see Amazon and Moms Express Storefront carries them. I grew up loving them; my kids loved them growing up; and now my grand kid also loves them; specially the Pink! These were as fresh as the ones in the store.
KelsiClinton Corners, NY


Was very excited to receive this package which was very well done and shipped on time! But the product was expired months ago…very dry…I gave a pack to a friend who was the one to point out the expired date and dry, crumbly texture where a moist cake should be…seller, next time check the date! Thanks for the great packaging tho:)
LidaScotts Hill, TN