Hot-Kid Toddler Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits, 24 Pieces, Organic Strawberry

Toddler Mum-Mum Organic Strawberry biscuits are made with premium Japonica rice and other simple, all-natural ingredients with no added artificial flavors or colors. Low in sugar, Toddler Mum-Mum Organic Strawberry biscuits are also a good snack choice for an egg-free, peanut-free and gluten-free diet for toddlers. For busy parents on-the-go, the individual packaging is convenient and maintains optimum freshness. Just drop a few packets in your bag before you head out and you’ll always have a fun kid snack that your toddler can enjoy at any time. Toddler Mum-Mums are available in three flavors – Apple, Banana, and Organic Strawberry.

Quick facts

  • Great taste, with no mess!
  • Certified organic
  • Only 1 gram of sugar per serving (2 biscuits)
  • Gluten-free, egg-free, peanut-free
  • No articifical flavors, colors or preservatives

Top reviews


Unless this is a mis-print or I read it wrong, they are charging $18 per box…Walmart and other stores sell them for less than $3 a Box!!!
CheryleWilmont, MN

These are made in China

These are made in China, the country that sent the U.S. tainted raw ingredients which killed at least 149 people (ingredients for Heparin, a blood thinner medication). China also exported pet food to the US that killed many pets. Amazon did not include the “Country of Origin” listing for this product, but I read the box after I brought it home for my daughter and then threw them away.
MaddieUnion City, OH

gelatin in the ingredients..why?

I am vegitarian and apparently its egg-free but decided to add gelatin…how hard is it to make simple cookie/cracker without adding the animal crap to it?
ClarineMc Connells, SC

Made in CHINA!!!!

Are you serious folks? From the country that sells us poisoned pet food, lead filled products for children? I am not being presumptuous here. There is too much info out there that we should be VERY skittish even for the most innocent seeming products. AND…ORGANIC!? FROM CHINA!? Sorry, not possible. That country is THE MOST POLLUTED TOXIC DUMP. Saw a documentary on this on PBS. A pretty reliable source that cares about our kids, the environment and able to tell the truth. So, this might be the best thing out there for some, but not this Mom. Do your research, don’t risk your precious children.
LuraNemacolin, PA

Organic Chinese Product too Sweet to Believe

I tasted these before giving them to my kids and the strawberry flavor is very sweet. I couldn’t believe it was this sweet by using natural/organic sugars (and not pushing the calorie count up). I have not had these tested by a lab or anything like that, but I found these “too good to be true” to give them to my kids.
JeannettaEddy, TX

GREAT rice biscuits, but be aware of expiration date!!!!!!!!!

my 12 month old loves these biscuits as a treat, they’re very similar in texture to the baby mum-mums. very little mess with these also.
HOWEVER please be aware that amazon WILL NOT resolve the issue if the biscuits are close to the expiration date on the box. my order arrived nov 4th and the biscuits expire on 6th feb next year. not likely that i’ll be giving my son more than one of these per day, so biscuits will go to waste. amazon will not accept returns, refund, partial refund, or replace the product. they will do nothing. i asked if this would be the case if the expiration was one month after receiving them and the consultant said “yes”!
sucky policy you have there, amazon. i’ll be buying these elsewhere in future.
AzzieMedford, NJ

In response to previous post

In response to a previous post, they are not charging 17+ dollars per box, its for 6 boxes.
AmeeGridley, CA

Great snack……

My daughter loves the “Mum Mum” snacks! My little girls favorite is the vegtable! For those individuals who are not wanting to buy them because they are made in China…. Well, its made from rice….. If you feed your baby any product with rice in it where do you think it originated?
AlecFairmount, GA

Page fails to mention box recommends for 2 years and older

Infant son really likes the basic Mum-Mums so I thought I’d give these a shot. After opening the package I noticed that they say for 2 years and older. Unfortunately our son is only 9 months old and these will expire in Sept. 2011. Also found out that these items are not eligable for return. Disappointed that the recommended age is not included in the product details by Amazon.
PricillaArcadia, MO

My son loves these!

My nine month old son loves these in all flavors — original, vegetable, and strawberry. They are easy for him to hold and bite; and they dissolve easily in his mouth. The strawberry flavor is much sweeter than the others. He started with the Baby crackers at about 6 months and recently switched to the the toddler variety, but there is actually very little difference in the texture.
JestineStratford, OK

My 14 month old twins love these!!!!

These are great! They are an organic snack that isn’t messy. I can hand them to my twins when they’re fussy (waiting at the doctors, car rides, etc.) and they can hold them, eat them and not mess up their outfits. Much better than regular crackers or cookies which make huge messes and aren’t nearly as healthy. My twins love how these taste. They are light, crunchy and slightly sweet.
CheyenneCleveland, MO

Good for kids with allergies

My son has multiple allergies, so this provides him with a treat that tastes good and feels healthier than cookies. My only con is that it’s over-packaged. They are individually wrapped in twos, so I’m not sure why they are then packaged in another bag.
KattieCarbondale, IL

Yum Yum Mum

Ordered these as our 14 month old twin daughters love Australian branded gf strawberry yoghurt topped mini rice cakes. These seemed to be the closest thing to them here on Amazon. Well, bubbies LOVE them. So cute to hear their wee teeth crunching away! They seem to be the same texture as the Baby Mum-Mum rusks, just differently shaped and with strawberry topping ‘blobs’ on one side. Will definitely buy again.
AllineCordele, GA

My baby loves it

My son loves the mum-mums! When we switched to the toddler from baby, I could tell he really enjoyed the new flavor. They are low in calories and make him quite content.
OmarLiberty, NE

Great snack option

These are a great snack option for your toddler. Easy to take on the go and hardly any mess at all. She used to eat the Baby version which was just original or bananna flavored, those were great too. However, even I like these strawberry ones. Keep in mind if you are using the baby ones now, you need to continue those until your toddler gets teeth, these are harded and dont melt as easily as the baby version.
MarilouRumford, ME

dont buy more than you can eat in a month

Manufactured Sept 2010, expire September 2011, purchased June 14 2011.

Better eat these quick (9 boxes)

Will buy again but not as many

JulianneWest Glover, VT

Love this

My 17 month old lactose- intolerant toddler LOVES THESE! And they taste pretty good for toddler snacks. Not too sweet. With Subscribe and Save and free shipping it cost less than purchasing individual boxes at Walmart or Target who may not have them in stock because they aren’t a popular item.
JenineBethalto, IL

Not just for Babies

These are a great gluten free snack. I originally bought these for my baby, but my celiac kid loves them too. I am so glad I found these. I don’t love them, but my kids do!
ChaseEdmonds, WA


My 15 month old daughter LOVES these and so do I! They have a wonderful strawberry essence to them, but are not overly sweet. PLUS they are fairly mess free and they dissolve so easily that it is the perfect snack for when she is in the car to keep her fuss free, or eating on the go around the house (my daughter hates to sit down and eat, so we always try and give her snacks to tote around with her). The 12 month old and the 3 year old little boys I take care of also love them. These are fantastic!
ClairCromwell, IN

Great item for l’il ones with wheat intolerances!

My son has a wheat intolerance and finding kids’ snacks without wheat is very rare. He loves these and will happily crunch through them, especially when he’s teething. We absolutely love these and the strawberry ones are his favorite. It’s also one of the first things he was able to eat all by himself. He would chew through these like a little chipmunk. It’s saved us on so many occasions when he needed a little snack or was grouchy from teething.
DixieDry Prong, LA

toddler mum mums

My daughter loves toddler mum mums, they make a great snack and even with only two teeth she is able to take little bits
AmyBovard, PA

My daughter’s favorite snack

Even though it says they are Toddler age, I started giving them to my daughter around 10 months b/c I thought she would enjoy the strawberry flavor. At one year old, these have now replaced the traditional mum mumms and she reaches for where we keep them all the time.
CorrinneNorth Chatham, NY

Super sugary compared to baby mum mum

These are coated in sugar. Did not expect this. Will not be re-ordering and only give to my child on rare occasions.
MartiKenmore, WA

These are great!

My toddler loves these mum-mums. I can’t find the strawberry flavor in any store. These are my ‘go to’ snack when we’re at the grocery store. They keep my daughter happy and don’t make a big mess. I keep waiting for her to decide that a teething biscuit is too bland to be her special snack, but they are what she always asks for. While not as healthy as bringing along apple slices, they are much better than other alternatives (and I have to reiterate the important fact that they aren’t messy – my favorite part!).
KasieBeechgrove, TN


I was greatly disappointed when my grocery store quit carrying mum-mums! So I was happy to find them on Amazon cheaper than I was paying in the grocery store. My daughter loved the regular mum-mums when she was younger and now loves the toddler ones. She is 16 months now and still loves these. They are great to bring into a store to keep her occupied because they do NOT make a mess like a cracker does! I’ve had to explain to a TON of people that I am NOT feeding my child styrofoam (b/c that’s what they look like!!!).
IsadoraEnfield, IL


Ok, so my Grandson loves these, but so do I! They have minimal ingredients, have a little sugar but are still good for you. More importantly, they taste incredible! All I have to do is say “do you want a Mum Mum” and his face lights up and he starts wiggling in his chair and getting all excited! They are also very easy to take with you because they are individually wrapped in a 2 piece serving size.
EtsukoMc Allister, MT

Babies favorite!

My twins love these crackers. They crawl over to me at maximum speed when they see me opening up a pack. I love them because they are the least messiest crackers for toddlers. They don’t get all sticky and gooey…don’t get me wrong, there will be crumbs and some pieces that will stick to wherever the kids are eating them, but it’s quite minimal. I also find the crackers tasty, so if I need a quick snack I will eat them too. Love these!
CorrineTiplersville, MS

kids (2 and 4 years) like it

Each box contains the biscuits packed in small plastic bags containing two biscuits – so good to keep in the car or backpack for trips. They have a good strawberry flavor and keep the kids happy for short car rides. Great for kids who have to avoid eg. wheat or corn because of allergies.
EttaBergen, NY

Delightful cookies for the allergy plagued child

Delightfully delicious. We had to restrict the non-allergic kids and adults from eating them. They are good. And to see the older child pass up the oreo and ask for one of these rice cookies was quite eye opening. Children who cannot have eggs are very limited to what they can eat, and these cookies make our 4 year old feel very special.
NikkiFlatgap, KY

Toddler Strawberry Mm Mum

I love these! Great taste I even eat them myself they are low in calories. My daughter eats one and I eat the other lol.
BrittLongmire, WA